10 Attitudes of Successful People

What differentiates a person from another is its attitude.

Each of us has unique qualities that give us our own identity.  However, encounters with different people and attitudes surrounding the environment we live in, our own unique identity sometimes lead us to mediocre or commonly known “average”.  It’s a state wherein we become just part of the crowd that we couldn’t showcase our true great talent and self.

What we neglect to recognize is that,

Attitude is also what makes a person stands out and be successful“.

Take time to reflect and answer these questions:

  • How many famous and successful people do you know?
  • What makes them famous and successful?

In my personal journey towards finding my own definition of success in life, I’ve read various biographies and books about the people who’ve achieved great success in life.  I do this because I want to learn from their attitudes and habits in order to apply them in my own life.   Hoping that sooner or later, I’ll achieve the level of success I aim for myself.

I’ve actually made a blog series entitled “Attitudes of Successful People” which features the attitude of success that brought about the great achievement of people who’ve already succeeded.  Some of these people are the following:

In my study of successful people’s attitude, I was able to answer the reasons why successful people stands out.  Most successful people apply good habits, principles and attitudes in their daily activities.  And those attitudes include the following:

1. The Power of Thoughts

While most of us believe that life is a destiny, successful people, however, knows that life is more of a choice. And such choice comes from our thoughts.  Thoughts are the core of our life because it’s where everything else begins.  Thus, successful people are careful of their thoughts.

2. Importance of Wants

As people grow older, the more they neglect the value of dreaming and being specific of what they want.  They tend to live life as it comes without really knowing what to happen tomorrow.  But like toddlers, successful people know what they want, including how and when they want to have it.

3. Faith to Dream and Think Big

Successful people have deep faith, that strong belief of the possibility of their dreams to exist regardless of what the other people will say and the circumstances that they will face.  For remember, all the things we have now, like the iPod you’re listening to, we are all just some crazy ideas and dreams of somebody who believed it can happen.

4. Takes Action

A dream without action is nothing but a sleep dream.  Successful people moves with the dreams.  They do not let time passes them by, they act.  And now will always be the perfect time to act.

5. Knows How to Prioritize

Successful people knows that time is their most important asset.  For a time wasted is equivalent to a dime and life wasted.  And as such, they value knowing and doing what’s important.  They do not try to accommodate everything; instead, they act on something that is included in their priorities and say no to those that are not as important.

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6. Faces the Brutal Facts

Successful people know that life isn’t perfect.  They recognize that success comes from multiple failures.  And instead of giving up because of their fears, like failure, they have strong courage to face their fears and accept the brutal facts with the end of success in their minds.

7. Can Rise Up From Adversity

Successful people know how to stand up even after multiple failures.  They do not let their first, second, third and hundred tenth failures to stop them from believing with their dreams and wants.  They always dust off and try again.

8. Admires Successful People

What commonly happens is when we see successful people, we tend to have resentment and be envious. Successful people, however, admire and listen to other successful people.  They have this open mind and humble heart to start as a beginner and learn from the success of others.

9. Continuous Learner

Most of us stops learning after graduation from college.  We tend to think we already have it all after getting our diplomas.  However, life is constantly changing.  Successful people crave to learn and learn more.  They read books; attend seminars and etc to keep them updated with the changing world.

10. Grateful Attitude

While most of us complain on how hard and miserable life is, successful people on the other hand have grateful attitude towards life.  Their optimism gives them the right attitude to accept hardship and to sail their way to success being happy regardless.

Now it’s for you to reflect and ask yourself, Do you have the attitude to be successful?

Don’t worry if currently you don’t, you always have today to start learning and adapting the success attitudes of successful people.  Remember,

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.  ~Winston Churchill 


  1. Wow, great article! This articulates really well some similar ideas I’ve had lately. I was going to make a note of which one I agreed with the most – but I like them all! Excellent stuff to think about, thanks.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Please feel free to share your ideas here.. we’d be really glad to accept your notes and ideas. Wed like to make this site as interactive as possible so we can learn from you guys too.

  3. Drive is the most important coz without it then we won’t move.

  4. I love your post. Keep it up! Thanks for sharing. =)

  5. This is a pretty well thought out written post. I have actually read hundreds of articles on this subject and this one does add a few the others have lacked.

    Always stay positive!!!!


  6. Great list of great attitudes, some I had encountered before and forget. This article remind me of the good attitudes again.

  7. Thanks for the reminder! Why is it so easy to forget the right attitudes to have?

  8. It was really a joy to read this article !

  9. Some good info there… and another big one I think is ASSOCIATING yourself with successful people. I think that by default, the kinds of people we associate ourselves with will affect our decisions by a great deal. Hang out with losers… and risk becoming one yourself. Hang out with successful people however, and their habits are bound to rub off on you.

  10. Thanks for your comment Travis. I remember a famous saying, “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”

  11. Very interesting posts and articles you’ve got here. The articles have been a good read for me. Keep it up!

  12. Great article demonstrating the attitudes of successful people! I am trying to become a successful entrepreneur myself, and its great to know what attitudes I have that are working out well, and which are challenging. Right now, I am challenged by having resentment for people with success because they are living the life I want – doing what they love, helping people, and having all the freedom that they desire! That’s a dream for me, and I do remind myself to be patient, but that is easier said than done! Great post though!

  13. Great list! Really good reminders. I would add persistence to my list. To

  14. Great post! Very important traits for those who crave success. Can’t say i possess them all, but i strive to emulate successful people and hope to learn from them.

  15. that’s the really good things and rules about the success but world is change every time and want more for getting success. it’s truly nice note about success but sometime not works it…….now a new think “all is well” for succcccccccccc……..

    thank u…….

  16. This is actually very interesting, wondering how often do you update your website?

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  18. i loved it …awesome…

  19. its such an inspiring one but some people show attitude too much in times of gratitude

  20. Great article, enlightening , thanks

  21. Although you may not see your self as successful you have a great success in the form of this brilliant website, well done and good post!

  22. Thanks Jamie! 🙂

  23. well i agree with the person even though he finished college he should always learn for a more information so that to be updated in changing world specially in digital world thats why im so very wanted to learn new things which really helps me a lot to become more aware of the most crucial things and to become more good individuals and positive everythings that i need to improved more and become aware of the learning process that i need to develop more and the reason to believe in everything that we we should always believed in everything that we have because we are uniqe and have a talents that is god given so we should always used it so that we can help other people and gave them the things that we have and be always become more aware and always positive and learn new skills so thank you very much

  24. Paul Angelo C. Te says:

    Great article Ms. Lou Macabasco! We need more people like you here in our country! Keep it up…. Learning a lot from your articles….

  25. I find this article very helpful, self improvement too.

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