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How to Listen?

Only a few of us are proof from the flattery of the world that we do less listening and more of talking. We give more importance of what we feel that we neglect of the other. And by doing this, we answer the following question with a YES:Have we failed to do something because we didn't listen carefully to the instruction? Have we broken a relationship because we did not know how to listen and kept on talking of our point? And have we made a mistake that we need to correct because we do not accept opinions and too proud to listen?Putting our self into a different view, have we come to a point where we felt unimportant and alone that we need somebody to listen. And with this kind of state did we ever felt disappointed and hurt that somebody did not listen, just like with the following scenarios:We shed our feelings and emotions to somebody and they response to us with a different topic. A very important favor we've asked was done incorrectly. Our opinion in a major … [Read more...]

4 Qualities of a Mature Person

A mature person is one who does not think only in absolutes, who is able to be objective even when deeply stirred emotionally, who has learned that there is both good and bad in all people and all things, and who walks humbly and deals charitably. ~ By Eleanor RooseveltThere was a short story about life, discussed between an old wise man and a young boy, which I’ll never forget.  It explicate why life is what we make it. And the story goes like this…High in the mountains lived an old wise man.  Occasionally, the wise man treks down the local village to entertain the people with his special abilities one of which is to tell what object is in a container or what does a person thinks. A few young boys decided to play a joke on the old man and planned to ridicule him.  One of them caught a bird and enclosed it in his grip.  The boy knew that the wise man would know what would be in his hands so he would ask if the bird is dead or alive.  If the wise man will say the bird is … [Read more...]

Someday May Never Come

Patience is one of the great virtues that a person can ever possess. Majority do not have the capacity to wait, for in our world now, we love everything that’s fast just like the fast food. As such, a person that can endure and wait is indeed a character to admire. However, the not so good we get to waiting is that we never act. We tend to shield procrastination as patience.“Maybe someday” is the usual excuse for not doing. We let opportunities slip away, may it be a time for our friends and family or career and life. We yawn and scratch our head, “Not now… I’ll do it someday”. Everybody has dreams and goals in life. The only difference between a goal and a dream is a goal is a dream with action. While dream, will always be with our sleep. What separate a successful person apart?Goal - they know what they want. Time Limit - they know when they want it. Action- they do something to make it happen.If you desire to achieve anything you want in life, you have to … [Read more...]

5 Stages of Change

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it.  ~Mary EngelbreitOur daily routine task (from the time we wake up ‘til we lay in bed again) creates cycle leading us to comfort. At times, such comfort creates lax in our character that make us forget that life is constantly changing. We all have heard of the phrase,“the only constant thing in life is change”. Although we’ve memorized this fact, we feel unaware of it until it comes to our life and hit us big time. Change has two impacts, a positive and negative. On the positive side, it gives us an opportunity to experience new greater things and to give us a moving forward attitude. On the other side, we tend to get lost and feel like a failure because it hit us unaware and unprepared. Sad to say that most can relate to the latter compared to the former. To help you cope more with change is to be aware of its process. Change like any other things in life has stages. Knowing … [Read more...]

Stand Up and Walk in His Light

The sorrow that is according to the will of God produces repentance without regret, leading to salvation. – 2 Corinthians 7:10 Have you been in a complete darkness? As in total darkness that you almost had the thought of losing life, and that every waking moment was dreadful for you. Instead of thanking for life, you sighed because it will be another day of pain and hurt.  A heavy day were you can’t stop crying and hurting.Human as we are, sometimes we forget that God is there that we live life carelessly.  Then one sudden moment, God will take away our carelessness by putting us to failure that can break our pride, so as we can have a sensitive and teachable heart.  And that’s what we call a “Godly Sorrow”.Can you name people today who seem to listen carefully to God? Those whose hearts are sensitive to God’s spirit?  I can almost guarantee that these are people who know what it is to be broken and bruised. They have scars to prove it.Failure and pain is God’s way to make … [Read more...]