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3 Things to Do Before Changing Your Life

What are the changes that you've always wanted to happen in your life? I'm sure most of us have that hidden desire to change, like changes in our financial status, careers, relationships, habits or even changing the big cute floppy belly of ours.  We all have that desire to change for it's a part of being human.Ask yourself, are you prepared for those changes to happen?Luckily, we have the capacity to drive those kinds of changes in our lives. Those changes are within our control, however, we can have them only if we do something about them. And before doing something we need to prepare. This is just a simple preparation and simple check list before going to the battle of those changes.1. Know Your ReasonMost of us want something but don't really know the pure essence why we want it. Take the following as example:Most of us think that we want a house but what we really want is "comfort".Most of us thinks that we want to resign in our job because we think that we … [Read more...]

Why People Love Starbucks?

Starbucks represents something beyond a cup of coffee.  - Howard Schultz, Chairman and CEO of Starbucks CoffeeHow’s Your Morning?Not so long ago, our mornings wouldn’t be complete without the smell of the coffee beans in our house while dad sips from the cup and reads the paper.   But who would have thought back then that the usual cup of coffee that mom prepares for dad will be done outside and be a huge coffee company that sells like hotcakes, internationally.Now, our mornings have changed so much that it wouldn’t be complete without the 7am stop by to grab that white cup with a green logo sized “venti” coffee.How did it happen that such aroma we always loved to smell at home is now done outside?  Well, thanks to “Starbucks”.Someone who’d ask “Who the hell is Starbucks?” does deserve a knock.Starbucks have spread like the yellow big capital M we see in every corner streets.  The difference is it doesn’t sell “burger mac” but “venti latte”.The Magic of … [Read more...]

Mommy, They Said Im Bad!

How many times have we encounter difficulty relating to other people? Encounters that resulted to heated arguments because both you and the other party want to prove their good worth. Who is good and who is bad? Who is right and who is not?What causes the differences?People accept different beliefs in life. And people who are open and respect others opinions are good to deal with, but often times, you’d be encountering people who are close-minded and opinionated. This differences is most often the source of conflicts because the other would love to prove themselves right.A sample differences can come from the two types of person:“A” Person is someone who lives his/her life within someone else’s opinion; and “B” Person who lives the way he/she wants, regardless.We’ve dealt with a lot of “A” type of people, those who’s way of living is materially influenced by others, maybe their family, friends, special someone or critics. These people are big influence in … [Read more...]

25 Secrets to Good Life

The secret to good life is a life that's lived to the fullest. Each of us has our own way of life, "indifferences" as they call it. But the reality is that even how different we are and the way we live, there is still one universal truth, values and principles that is governing our world. These truths are both simple and general that if you try to learn and apply them in your life, a great change can happen. Such truth gives other people a chance to find their place in this world and to live their life to its fullness. While for others who does not know these principles, it makes their life so hard, dull and miserable. The question now  is, how can achieve the good life and live life to the fullest? Learning and knowing the answer to this question can help you make your life as happier and successful as it should be. So if you are serious in creating positive changes in your life, start learning and applying the principles of living the good life.1. Live Today Past can't be … [Read more...]

10 Attitudes of Successful People

What differentiates a person from another is its attitude. Each of us has unique qualities that give us our own identity.  However, encounters with different people and attitudes surrounding the environment we live in, our own unique identity sometimes lead us to mediocre or commonly known "average".  It's a state wherein we become just part of the crowd that we couldn't showcase our true great talent and self. What we neglect to recognize is that,"Attitude is also what makes a person stands out and be successful".Take time to reflect and answer these questions:How many famous and successful people do you know? What makes them famous and successful?In my personal journey towards finding my own definition of success in life, I've read various biographies and books about the people who've achieved great success in life.  I do this because I want to learn from their attitudes and habits in order to apply them in my own life.   Hoping that sooner or later, I'll … [Read more...]