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Top 3 Dangerous Enemies That May Steal Your Life

Everyday, as we sip our coffee and read the day’s paper, headlines are overflowing with crimes, bad politics, severe calamities, financial crisis, unemployment, war, nuclear weapons, rebelling youths, and all other happenings that fills up the news.  These headlines created a world full of anxiety and uncertainty.This is a fact that most of us are well aware of.  Now what?The world is so huge that you’re probably thinking your sole contribution couldn’t resolve these all, so why bother?  However, your contribution may not change the world but it may change you to better cope with life’s craziness.  How?  Just two things: Understanding the Top 3 Joy StealersWhat you focus on expands.Have you known that “what the world is depends on how you see it”?The world is a mess and hard not merely because of all the negative happenings that surround it but also because of what the whole world focus on about it.  And what do we usually focus on?  Most of the time, it’s … [Read more...]

The Secret to a Happy Life

I have Learned that THE SECRET is BEING HAPPY at anytime in everything that happens.Here's a story of LISA, a pessimist turned optimist: Lisa is someone you would love to hate.  She's pessimist, control freak and complains all the time.  Everything she say is about how ugly and miserable the way things are.  Nobody wants to be with her or at least be friends with her because of her attitude.Her negative attitude came from being raised in a pessimistic family.  As she was growing up, she was taught to believe that the world is cruel and evil.  This resulted for her to expect worse in everything and to take control of things that lead her to doubt everything. Lisa's attitude didn't reflect only at her home but also at her work.Unknowingly, the behavior and attitude of Lisa was a concern of her manager.  The manager knew that Lisa is unaware of something that only if she knew it, Lisa can change.Then the day came when the manager sent Lisa to a training that changed her … [Read more...]

How to Focus in Life? – Part 3: Set Your Time

This is a continuation of How to Focus in Life? - An IntroductionFor a quick recap, here's the 3 steps:Set your mind Set your placeAnd now, the third and final step is to SET YOUR TIMEHave you ever found yourself with too many to do lists and activities that's wrapped with your time?Things such as:weekend trips health family friends house chores shopping work deadlines all other things that's wrapping up your timeThese things occupy too much of your time clock that restricts you to even have time for yourself, to relax and just do things for your own personal development.With too many things to do, most of the time, we find ourselves taken by the speed of a bullet train.Our usual routine becomes a fast trail of getting up early morning, have a "quick" bath and breakfast, ride our way to work, meet all but everything about our work, stay up late working hard, then ride the last trip on our way home, and sleep our way without … [Read more...]

How to Focus in Life? – Part 2: Set Your Place

This is the second continuation of How to Focus in Life? - An IntroductionPrevious post tackled the first step on how to focus in life, that is to set your mind.The second important step in finding your focus is to SET YOUR PLACEHave you ever found yourself being really productive in one place while finding a hard time doing so in other places?Our current world teaches us to do a lot of things anywhere and any circumstance that we have to be flexible enough to accept any place and situation.  So what we do is we stretch ourselves to accept everything, then, we get stressed due to lack of time to get things done as fast as we want to.  In such scenario creates a file up of voluminous pending workloads that clutters our workplace.At times, the problem is not about our motivation and how we see the work that causes our lack of focus and concentration, it's about the place where we do it. Where is your place? We all have a certain place, a certain condition, wherein … [Read more...]

How to Focus in Life? – An Introduction

How often do you find yourself in the mess and clutter of your life? Where you find yourself saying: Too many things to do, with too little time.The ability to stay focus nowadays became a great talent for a chosen few.  Since the word "multitask" have gone out, the world have become so hook to aimed in doing everything all at once.  We have believed to have it all and have it all now.But one of the secrets of successful and great achievers, like professionals, athletes, leaders, inventors, businessmen, billionaires and the likes, are their ability to stay focus. This alone is the reason why most of these successful people do not only have what they want but also they have the best of it.A STORY TO SHAREHere is personal story of one of the authors of Live Life to Fullest. It's to share the personal experience encountered and actions taken to achieve focus and greatness in life. Ticking Clock STEPS TO FOCUS YOUR LIFESet your mind; Set your place; and Set your … [Read more...]