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Ticking Clock: Use Time Wisely

The Clock is ticking, ask yourself these questions: Where am I heading?  Am I using my limited time wisely? As Charles Darwin have said,A man who dares to waste one hour of life has not discovered the value of life. Time, if not money, is probably one of the scarce resource for many.   In our era now, it seems like the words busy and stress are the common condition which people recognizes as part of daily life.  And it's sad to say that at times, it even takes up their whole life.  I was not spared of this condition, because in the past, I was one of those people whose life revolves on stress and busy working lifestyle.  Back in those days, I wanted to do everything in life all at once. With a lot of things and opportunities that life can offer, sometimes you can’t help not to aim in having it all.  Now, the option and capacity to acquire the things we want is increasing which causes most people to fret in acquiring it all.  Take for an instance, it's so easy to buy and book an … [Read more...]