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The Dip by Seth Godin Review

This book is written by one of the modern-day best-selling author, Seth Godin.  His books have brought great insights on how our “information age” have revolved the old principles that “traditional age” have taught us.  The Dip by Seth Godin has challenged the old belief that “Winners Never Quits”.  This book gave better rationale about Quitting.Winners quit all the time.  They just quit the right stuff at the right time. - The Dip by Seth Godin  The Dip by Seth Godin is a 76-page small book yet the content is so much valuable.  If you love reading, like I do, you may get to finish this book in 1 to 2 hours.   What I personally love about Seth Godin's books is that they are easy to read and his advice are practical, although they are unique.I've been collecting the works of Seth Godin, and this book, The Dip, was one of the best among the rest of his works.  Back in 2008, when I was in the midst of so much life struggles and crisis, this book, among all the rest, … [Read more...]

7-Up Success Story: Is It The Same With Your Story?

The road to success is never said to be easy.  As the saying goes,  If the road to success was easy, everyone would take it.  This is definitely true that’s why 80% of us stop and turn back just to avoid the hardship.  But how about the 20%, did they take it easily? While most of us are wondering around not really sure where we are going, there are few who knows what they want and does something about it.  They take the steps then fail countless time, they get back to start all over then struggle some more.  Isn’t pitiful?  I don’t think so. Because oftentimes, these 20% few ends up to be the successful people we all look up to.  These are the few people we call “lucky” to receive so many blessings.  These are the few people we call “the right people”, “the one”, “the great”, “the talented”, “the smart”, and a lot more great phrases. The reason why we NEVER achieved success is we stop before we start or a few steps after we’ve … [Read more...]

17 Reasons Why You Can’t Achieve Success

The truths on this article might hurt you a bit, but if you keep an open-mind, it can help you clear your path to success.There are a lot of articles, books, trainings and movies that were made and published to teach us how to achieve success.  But despite, we are still left wondering around unsuccessful.In this article, instead of listing down the attributes, character and secrets of successful people, I’m going to show you the reasons why you are not and may never become successful.Success comes from three words: Think + Feel + Act = Success   How You Think 1. You don’t know what you want2. You don't believe you’re capable of being successful  How You Feel 3. You lack enthusiasm and drive towards success (No Desire, No Motivation, No Time, No Money, etc.)4. You fear a lot of things (Fear of failure, criticism, or rejection)5. You’re unwilling to learn (Especially on New Things or Weak Points)6. You’re too emotional and idealistic (You … [Read more...]

How to Relieve Stress?

Stress is a good thing if maintained at the level enough to keep us on our toes and motivates us to pursue our dreams.  However, with our current world of “busyness”, life is more complicated than ever.  We have too much to do, with too little time.  And as our schedule and workloads increases daily, it directly proportion to the increase of our stress level.  The more demands we accommodate, the higher the stress we absorb.Stress that destructively affects our body, health, emotions, and relationships is a bad stress that causes fatigue, anxiety, depression and loss of enthusiasm.   Plus, it makes you look and feel older.   As a result, we tend to see live a difficult and unhappy life.Here are some of the ways to help you beat stress with grace and positively mitigate its destructive effects.  These simple insights can guarantee that it can tune out your stress to stay young and happy.1) Prepare for stressDistress is most often stress that hasn’t been … [Read more...]