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Caring To a Fault: From Victim to Empowerment

This post is written by a guest contributor, Dave Ursillo.I often hear complaining—especially from young people—who feel that they routinely become victims of a characteristic of their individual personalities: “caring to a fault.” When someone complains about “caring too much” in friendships and relationships, the opinion is merely a negative perspective on a unique personality trait that results from the insecurity of being emotionally hurt and the natural tendency for human beings to strive for self-preservation. While “caring too much” can indeed lead to emotional pain in friendships and relationships, undertaking a more “evolved” and positive perspective about “caring to a fault” can lead you to better understand yourself to be an impassioned, caring soul who can embrace and utilize your compassionate nature as the means to achieve both success and happiness.Have ever told yourself, “I care so much that I just get hurt in the end” or “I care to a fault, it just … [Read more...]