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Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson Summary and Review

Who Moved My Cheese was published in 1998.  A parable written by Spencer Johnson which describes change in one's work and life.  Who Moved My Cheese was included in the New York Times business bestseller since release and remained on the list for almost five years and spent over 200 weeks on Publishers Weekly's hardcover nonfiction list.When Change Happens One of the sure things in life is change.  Each day brings a new life and a different experience for us.  But our daily routine task, from the time we wake up until the time we lay down in bed again, creates a cycle that leads us to comfort.  Such comfort creates lax and negligence in our character that make us forget that life is constantly changing.  Then when change happens, we stress out, react, complain and be beaten up. Even if it’s hard to admit it, in school, at home and in the community we live in, we were taught to believe in following rules and sets of standards that being curious and creating change is not … [Read more...]

5 Steps to Begin a Positive Change in Your Stressful Life

Life became a complicated affair.  There are too much clutter and commotion that brought about the anxiety, stress and dissatisfaction for many.  A lot of us are being caught up by our own time schedule that having 24-hours in a day is not enough to fulfil all the things we need to accomplish, may it be at work, at home, for our personal and social self or our finances.This information age and productive generation is the reason for this stressful lifestyle that most of us lived in. Now, you can do anything in an instant and be wherever you want to be in just a few click of the button.  That’s thanks to the marvel of technological advancement.  But isn’t technology was supposed to eliminate the work and stress for humans?  Technological advancement have created a more stressful environment and busy lifestyle because of your own mindset and choices.  Instead of seeing these technology as tools to make your life much easier, you’ve used it to accept more obligations beyond your own … [Read more...]

How to Work With Difficult and Negative People?

Some people are filled with negative and difficult attitude.  Whenever they open their mouth, all you can hear are negative words of disapproval, complaining or criticism.  Even how hard it may be, you will encounter having to work with difficult and negative people. There are two types of difficult and negative person: THE VICTIM (Too Sensitive) Those who always see themselves living in an unfair environment.  They don’t like their jobs or they don’t like their company. Their bosses and teammates are always jerks, and they are always treated unfairly.  Or they don’t like the people in their family and the community they live in.  Most of these people have their standards that when somebody or the circumstance do not match that standard, they react upon it. THE RUDE (Too Insensitive) Those who loves to criticize and see the negative doing of other people.  They see the action and failure of others as something to make fun of, and talk to other people.  Most of these people are … [Read more...]

3 Guides to Decision Making

Studies have tested that human failure, unhappiness, stress, brokenness, and lack of success are caused by lack of decision, of choice.In Life, we are filled with choices, especially in our current world. But despite that overflowing choice, we are still often trapped by a world that sends us nothing but difficulty, which we often blamed to destiny. But the truth, no one should be blamed but you. You had the choice, you just decided not to choose.This simple principle of decision is often neglected when what’s at stake is the seriousness of one’s personal life and future. When we want something small, it’s so easy for us to decide and take action upon it. But when important things should be decided on, we let destiny do the decision. This is sad but most often reality for many.Below is a story of Two (2) Eggs deciding:Two eggs were telling each other what they wanted to be when they hatch. The 1st Egg said, “I want to be an OYSTER when I hatch. An oyster just … [Read more...]