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10 Daily Promises You Must Make With Yourself

Every day is a new life of challenges and experiences.  It brings both joyful memories to cherish, as well as, problems to overcome. Life was made in balance.  It was originally revolving in a balanced stated until humans created reasons to bring imbalance.  The imbalance is greatly felt in our society just by looking at the great distance of successful people against those that are not.  Also it created the reason why there are rich people and poor people.  And the reason why there are people who are happy with their lives while others are crying in misery. However, despite such great imbalance and difference, you have the power to choose which side you would want to belong.  Most of us aim to be at the positive side, the happy, prosperous and successful life, but sadly, only few of us does.  And instead of taking this situation as inspiration and motivation to move into this great side of life, most people just cry in misery, complain and blame their misfortunes to others or … [Read more...]

The Diminishing Worth of Humans

Once you stop learning, you start dying. - Albert EinsteinIf you have observed, we now live in a time wherein human value is declining.  In fact, it is declining even more each passing year.   However, most people are not aware of their decreasing value.  You will notice it by observing how common people live a very complacent life.  They do the same thing every day and hope things will remain securely the same because they don’t like change.  And then when change happens or things don’t go according to what they want, they complain their hardship to other people, even pressuring the government or their employer to do something to lift their stature.The diminishing worth of human is largely manifested by the huge technological and innovative advancement of our new information era.  Having these innovative and technological lift, life became much easier, faster, efficient and accurate.  These new inventions and advance technology conveniently do most task that a regular human … [Read more...]

How to Build Good Relationships With People?

In our era of technology-and-career-driven world, relationship building might be considered a last option that slowly becoming extinct. Our daily communications and interactions have become transactional instead of relational. Interactions have focused more on results, achieving desired outcome at the expense of relationships, even making others feel devalued and used.  The importance of how people are treated in the process of achieving results, that means are an important part of an end, are often neglected and ignored. Most of us have never been taught the importance of building relationships with others.  And as we grow up, we hear our parents tell us about maintaining good grades and making sure that we follow rules, but seldom we were taught on how to build relationship with others.  Whatever we’ve learned, we’ve got through observation of what we see around us.  We are lucky if we had good role models when we were growing up and not so lucky if we didn’t.  As such, a lot of … [Read more...]

4 Change Barriers You Need To Eliminate

The only constant thing in life is CHANGE. I keep on repeating this statement because I see a lot of people often neglect that life is constantly changing. Each day is a new beginning and a new life experiences.  On the other hand, each night is the close of a new chapter in your life that entails you to rest and prepare for another new chapter when you wake up tomorrow.  Sadly though, majority of us wake up and end each day doing the same old routine we’ve been doing the couple of years. Isn’t ironic that we constantly become bored or stressed with our day to day “normal” life activities but we do not want to change, we resist it and condemn those people who initiate change? Previously, I’ve wrote a blog review and summary of about a book entitled “Who Moved My Cheese?” This book is so far the best reference in understanding CHANGE.  It’s a fable that story-tell the principles of change and how an individual can best handle change.  You may read the synopsis of the book here, … [Read more...]