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Life Coaching 101: How to Live Life to the Fullest?

 A lot of people aspire to live their life to the fullest, but only few does.Most of us live our life each day just to survive.  We wake up each morning, travelling to the least place we want to be, dealing with people that keeps on annoying us, and doing the tedious or boring tasks we really hate to do.Why is it that despite the perfect job or position we have, glamorous clothes we are wearing, expensive stuff we possess, we still look miserable and unhappy in life?  Why can’t stress, negative thoughts and anxiety stop bothering us?  And why is it your life becomes much harder and cluttered each day?Well, my friend, maybe, just maybe, you need to stop and take a moment to read this article.Make a Life, Not Just a Living!!!Life is a wonderful gift that is temporary.  But most of us forget this truth that’s why we live our life settling and aiming for material things, thinking that true success and lasting happiness lies on acquiring material things, power … [Read more...]

Random Life Wisdom Quotes from Life to Fullest Advocate

This blog article is a collaborative effort from all people who we shall call "Life to Fullest Advocate".   The Mission To share one's favorite or most lived by quotes and wisdom in life.   The PurposeTo take part in spreading motivation, inspiration and positivity to other people Help creating a better world by spreading positivity to everyone we meet This collaborative post can make a positive difference to people who will read it, even how small it may be.If your name is included in this post, thank you so much for taking part on this mission.  If your name is not yet in this blog article, you too can be part of this mission and purpose by sharing a unique life wisdom quote that you live by.  Random Life Wisdom Quotes  Now, let's start reading the Random Life Wisdom Quotes to Live by: Life is a struggle...and each of us sometimes need to face one; so that we may be able to appreciate all our experiences, be it good or … [Read more...]

Finding Sobriety And A Positive Attitude

This post is written by a guest contributor, Peter “ Mark” BrunoHave you ever just wanted to go out and find something that you knew you needed, but not really sure if you truly want it? I have come across this type of searching many times in my life. I wanted to be happy as well as sober, but I wasn't quite sure of the best place to find such a thing as sobriety and being positive. Negativity went strong inside myself along with alcoholism. Both going hand in hand, feeding each other with more misery day after day. I always wondered if finding sobriety and a positive attitude would really change my life like so many people have told me. MY HOMEMADE VIDEO OF POSITIVE ATTITUDE AND SOBRIETYI am not real good on making videos but it does get the point across that when you have a Positive Attitude anything is possible to achieve including Sobriety if you truly want it bad enough! If you go around in life living with Negativity, then I must say that more than likely your … [Read more...]

The Way to Happiness

My favorite quote about Happiness is this:Happiness is not an end, it's a Journey!As I see, alot of people are not aware of this truth that's why they live their life expecting happiness to happen at the end. Like a fairy tale with happy endings. They see happiness as a goal, not as something that is already there, waiting to be recognized and appreciated. When you expect and believe that happiness is an end and not a journey, you're probably living a life of stress, anxiety, worry and all other negative feelings.  You may constantly find yourself complaining and fretting about your life, wishing happiness finally comes to your reality, like you have no other choice. To clearly illustrate, I'd like to share with you my personal story:I've used to be someone you would love to hate. I'm a pessimist, control freak and I complain all the time. Everything I speak of is about how ugly and miserable the way things are. And my negative attitude brought me nothing … [Read more...]

Top Positive Songs to Include in Your Optimistic Playlist

 Music is a way of life.We hear music everywhere we go. Personally, I love music.  Whatever mood I’m in, may it be sad, angry, scared or happy, music is my first to cling in.  It is part of my daily routine that’s why whatever I do,  like when I’m working, thinking, writing, relaxing, driving and even sleeping, my music is turned on. In my previous post, The Rhythm of Life, I’ve compared life to music.  Just like music, life is best lived with a rhythm, a tone.  A lot like life, music has different moods too.  There is happy, sad, dance, hard-rock, rhythm and blues (RnB) or love songs.  The same is true with life, it’s not all about happy times, countless times, you’ll be faced with difficult moments that makes you feel sad, angry, scared or any other similar bad feeling.  At this time, when circumstances turn your positive mood to negative, it gets hard to shift back to positivity.  And as a result, your whole day is ruined. Have you heard of the saying:“Music … [Read more...]