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5 Benefits of Keeping a Journal

Do you still remember the days you were keeping a paper notebook and just writing your thoughts down?  10 years back in time, computers and internet connections were a privilege that only “blessed” (rich) people are able to enjoy.  But now, 10 years backward, computers and internet have evolved so fast that anybody who have experienced one, can’t imagine a life without it.  Thus, it made keeping a journal and writing your thoughts down became an ancient history that’s forgotten by many. At present, most people are now writing their thoughts and blurting out their emotions with the view of the whole world.   It is shared through social medias, like Twitter or Facebook.  You can see someone’s emotions by just looking at their wall post in these social medias.  Quiet often, these burst of emotions has two (2) effects: a good and bad. The good part is that quiet often, when you post lots  of fun and positive emotions in your social media profile, other people who sees it are very much … [Read more...]

Life Coaching 102: Lessons in Life

Schooling experience has been a huge part of our life.   Most people stayed in school for 16 years, the average.  It can still get longer if one takes further studies like MBA or PHD.  And surely it shaped who we are and what we have become now. Alot of us expects to experience a great leap in our life after graduation.  But instead of a happy-ending story, we’re now faced with the stress and anxiety that the real world brings us. Quiet often, we are faced with questions like, why they did not teach the ways to deal with stress and anxiety, the ways to deal with difficult people or how to handle a devilish boss? Studying helped us a lot in becoming successful professionals that we are now, but seemingly, these questions and all other brutal facts were left inexplicable and uneducated in school. To help us cope up with real life’s test, we’ve summarized below a lesson plan entitled, Life Coaching 102: Lessons in Life: Life Lesson # 1: Increase Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Technical … [Read more...]

Life is a Roller Coaster

Have you tried riding a roller coaster?  How was the experience?Personally, I love riding roller coaster.  One of my favorite places to hang out, whenever I feel like I want to have fun and relax, is through visiting an amusement park.  I guess you can say that my child-like spirit and attitude are still intact.  But apart from the fun and breathtaking feeling I get from riding a roller coaster, what I enjoy most about it is the lessons and realizations I get from such experience.  And one of those realizations is seeing life as a roller coaster ride.Roller Coaster are addicting because of the bliss, freedom, risk and courage that each person experiences when he or she dares to ride.In this article, I'd like to share my analogy why life is a lot like a roller coaster ride.START Before I ride the roller coaster, I can hear my heart beats or pumps so fast and loud.  Thoughts of fear, discomfort and risk are floating in my head. I’m just human, roller coaster still … [Read more...]

A New Horizon: Learning the Power of Now

This post is written by a guest contributor, Amit Kumar. "I personally find this blog article really motivating and inspiring..find out more and read his story below... " - Lou Macabasco,  We all were apprehensive about this trip.  We had recently joined a global company and an adventure tour was part of our training.  Some of us did not want to miss TV, some did not want to miss talking to their girlfriends or boyfriends (as network was not available at adv tour site), one of us did not want to miss FIFA World Cup.  But we had to go, how can we say ‘no’?We were in sleeper class of “Utkal” train and was travelling to “Haridwar”. One small kid in same bogey asked “what you all do?”  “We are software engineers” replied one of my friends.  “Where are you going?”  the boy asked quickly.  “To climb mountains” said another friend of mine.  “But why does a software engineer require to climb mountains?” the boy questioned innocently.  We … [Read more...]