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Life Coaching 103: How to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality?

Life is full of chances, and you do not live if you don't take chances.As I'm writing this blog post, I'm here sitting at a busy fitness club sipping a free brewed coffee I've got from the club's beverage counter.  It's early Wednesday morning, and as I've expected the crowd is fewer as compared to the afternoon sessions. Most are old people that can be my parents and grandparents who are probably now enjoying their retirement life aiming to recover their health that was worn out in their adult working years.  And as I continue sipping my coffee and observing, I felt happy and smiled. Because here I am, in my early twenties, enjoying the same freedom that retirees are enjoying.  And I don't need to recover any worn out health, I am here to prevent and maintain its youthful and healthy beauty.Now, I can't help but feel so awed and happy to have achieved such freedom in early years.  I was able to achieve, my material wants, maintain a relationships I was aiming, go to … [Read more...]

When It Rains, It Pours. Where’s Your Umbrella?

Life is so mystical that at times brings unexplainable things and happenings.  We experience sequential events that either make us supremely happy or be lured to misery. Like there are days when everything happens brings us good lucks while there are days when all we experience is continuous bad luck. I've experienced such kind of sequential events once in a while. And just recently, I had the longest day of my life when everything happens throughout the day were bad lucks. Some call it 'Murphy Law' While I'm sitting quitely and thinking how much bad luck can anyone get. I've contemplate on how I will response to the scenario and how I will move forward with it taking the lessons with me. And the lesson I'll bring with me are:    Adversity Happens Personally, I'm a bit organized and careful. But as I grow in my personal and professional life, I've learned to accept that adversity happens, even how organized and careful you are. Life is not perfect, and ones you accept life's … [Read more...]

Are You Spending, Surviving or Living Life?

Most of us goes into the cycle of life with the same scenarios and stages. It's likely that you fall into one of these Three (3) Types of Life Cycle I would like to illustrate: Spending It All Now I'm guessing that 50% of our population falls into this type. Those who live life like there is no tomorrow. Oftentimes, they only think of things that can satisfy their desires today, without thinking and saving for tomorrow. Those who spend everything today ends up with so many problem and misery in the future.Take for an instance:Spenders who work to earn money then spend their whole salary worth (even beyond) during pay days.Those who spend life without thinking about future rainy days are faced with future problems such as financial incapacity, ill-health, broken relationships and losing personal value or direction. Because they didn't save and prepare for tomorrow's rainy days, in the future, they always ends up flooded with anxieties of their past choices and … [Read more...]