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How to Bring More Into Your Life?

Although quiet unexplainable, but seems like the world is originally made of balance state in order to maintain peace, harmony, abundance and happiness. But as humans, we have created a world of stress and chaos through our own unstable habits and thought process, such as lack of drive and discipline, fear, doubt, selfishness, greed, envy, etc...But in my quest and learning’s into life's universal principles, I've came to realized the ways on how to bring more things in your life despite all the stressful and negative circumstances that life brings.  I've created an eBook entitled, 'Life Begins @ 21: 21 Days to Begin a Good Life' to share and discuss all those principles and learning’s.One of those ways, I'd like to share with you in this article is the Value of Giving.  There's an old saying that I always believe in,'The more is given, the more is received'Every day, people work hard to sustain their needs in life.  We are even able to sustain even most of our … [Read more...]

4 Habits to Healthy Lifestyle

GuestPost by: Amit KumarAmit is  a software engineer by profession.  He has a keen interest in motivational books, articles, blogs.  He started writing blogs last year and was enjoying writing about his vivid experiences.  He thinks life is a great teacher and it teaches and motivates him everyday. His blogs are  a reflection of various thoughts he has accumulated in his mind while passing through life changing moments. If you would like to find out more about him and his writings,  feel free to visit his website, click A Search for Motivation or copy paste this url:’s been three years in my IT job and many things have changed. Some of the changes have been good but I have suffered a lot on the health front. I have put on lot of weight and have lost glow on my face.  The person sitting in front of me is only 30 years of age and is suffering from blood pressure and diabetes. Similar is … [Read more...]

3 Words That Builds Great Relationships

'How Are You?'When was the last time you've asked somebody these words?  And how do you response when somebody open ups to you? Few days ago, I went home and spared some time to hang around with my family, watching TV in our living room and I've asked some of them the question, 'how are you?’  The night became a lot of fun because were able to discover things from each other and talk about the activities we do in our day to day life. To tell you honestly, in the past, I rarely spend time watching TV or even have time to hang out with my family in our living room.  I was too focused to succeed in life that my day was always filled with the demands of my profession. I've forgotten that there is this simple yet important part of my life, the time I spend with my family. I've grew up in a career-oriented family, both of my parents have the same profession, they are Professional Accountant.  It is the great reason why I've took accountancy as my profession too. Because when I was … [Read more...]

Do You Know How Much Your Time and Money Worth?

In my profession as Accountant, we always talk about the term, Time Value of Money, especially in the field of Finance and Investing.Time Value of Money is defined as the worth of money over a given amount of time.  It is computed to show the future value of your money based on the interest earned during the time period it is held.Take for an instance you will save today $100, and then deposit it in the bank that gives 2% annual interest.  Given that you forgot that $100 and only remember it after a year, once you decide to withdraw it from the bank next year, your money will now be worth $102.  Let’s say, you hold that $100 untouched for the next five (5) years, on the fifth (5th) year your money will be worth $110.Computation is as follow:Dollar Saved:                                                      $100 Bank Interest:                                                   2% per year Number of Years Saved:                                               5 … [Read more...]

The Best Gifts to Give

It’s the month of December once again, the favourite month for many.  Aside from the cold weather (the snow for some part), singing carols, bright lights, parties and get-togethers, the most looked forward month is about “Giving”.  The gift giving spirit is now in the air.  You can see it by the bunch of people walking around the supermalls, trying to squeeze and find the best gifts they can share to their loved ones. Probably, by now, you are already preparing on your Holiday Gift Shopping List, and you may be thinking hard on the coolest, hippest and best give you can give to people.  But before you go out there spending all your bonuses and hard earned salaries, let us talk about your gift giving options this Holiday season.There are Two (2) Types of Giving: 1) Material A thing in a physical substance that we can buy in the shop or do it ourselves, for the use of the receiver. 2) Non-Material Something that cannot be bought in the shop but creates great affection to the … [Read more...]