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The DJs Talked About Paradigm Shift

Look at the image on the left side.  Do you see the two images of a young woman and an old woman?  Go ahead, try again! This image is lifted from the book, "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" written by Stephen Covey.  The image is an example of "Paradigm Shift".Yesterday, I was alone driving home with the radio turned on to keep me company.  Interestingly, the DJs on air were talking about 'Paradigm Shift'.  I was a bit surprised to hear the unusual words of 'Paradigm Shift' from a music station which usually talks about playful stuffs like partying, sex, girls/boys, dating, cheating, heartbreak, etc. Honestly speaking, whenever I listen to the local radio stations, I only want to hear the music.  Whenever the DJs just starts to talk endlessly about the playful stuff, that I'm really not interested to listen at and felt that is not useful in my life, I shift the channel to a more sensible music station. And that my friend, is an example of 'Paradigm Shift'.WHAT  IS  A … [Read more...]

How to Avoid Being Perfectionist?

Do you often find yourself feeling negative and critical about other people? Are you constantly criticizing, condemning and complaining about how wrong and inappropriate the decisions and actions of others? It is part of our human nature to pursue perfection, and as such, we tend to pick on someone else’s shortcomings while we can't accept our own. At times, I am guilty of this attribute.  But I've came to a point I've learned two very important wisdom and lessons I always try to remember whenever I feel bad about somebody’s actions.  And such lessons are what I want to share with you in this article.1. What we dislike about other people is often a reflection of what we don't like about ourselves I use this phrase as a reminder whenever I feel critical and negative about other people's actions.  Because when you are aware that what you dislike about other is a reflection of who you are, it gives you second thought on how will you react or respond on somebody’s behavior.  It … [Read more...]

The Battle Between Prosperity and Poverty

When you think of prosperity or poverty, often, you think of money.    You think of Prosperity as having monetary wealth, power, prestige and capacity to BUY whatever you want.  On the other hand, you think of Poverty as inability to acquire such.  But there is more to prosperity or poverty that is important as money, and that’s prosperity or poverty of MIND.  You fear poverty because of money, but did you ever fear poverty of the mind?As I go through life’s journey, I’ve realized that MONEY isn’t the REAL WEALTH in life.  I’ve proved that the real wealth is OUR MINDSET.MONEY is just a piece of paper, printed by our Central Banks, as I have observed during the days I was working in such bank.  It only gets its value by how you think and make use of it.Take for an instance when you work hard to acquire money, yet when you receive it, it so easy for you to give it away to business owners, creditors or others.  It’s because you give less value to money, and in return, money is … [Read more...]

The Gratitude List

Have you heard of “The Bucket List”?  A hit movie in 2008, The Bucket List refers to a lifelong list of goals to compile and achieve "before you kick the bucket."  It is like a “to do list” in life while you are still alive.  Having a “Bucket List” helps you organize in what you want to accomplish in life and have time to do the most important things in your life. I do encourage people to have a “Bucket List”, by listing down the things they want to accomplish and do in their life.  In my personal life, I see how powerful it is when you are very clear and specific to what you want to accomplish in life.But I have an additional list that I ask people to do, and that’s keeping a “Gratitude List”. CREATING A “GRATITUDE LIST” Most of us forget this simple truth,“Life is a journey that is short lived”This is why many of us give less value of our time by wasting it with:ungratefulness self-pity envy greed negative thoughts negative talks lack of … [Read more...]