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Kung Fu Panda’s Life Lessons

The movie, Kung Fu Panda, is one of the hit cartoon movie in our current time.  It's an action-comedy cartoon movie first released in 2008 and then followed by part 2 in 2011. The movie revolved in the story of a Panda named Po and his awesome journey into becoming the highest kung fu title and master named The Dragon Warrior. The movie started by showing the humble beginnings of Po, the future dragon warrior.  Po is a son of a noodle-restaurant owner and he was expected to take over their family business.  However, Po was not interested in taking over the noodle business, he was interested in Kung Fu.  His love and passion for Kung Fu prompted him to abandon his dad’s noodle-restaurant business and accept the big responsibility of becoming The Dragon Warrior.   The movie then centered on how Po changed and developed himself to become the most powerful Kung Fu master. His journey of development was both hilarious and sympathetic.  One minute you'll laugh, the other you will feel … [Read more...]

Dave Ursillo: Attitudes of Successful People

In this week Attitudes of Successful People Blog Series, we will get to know the success attitudes of a person who also leads people to self-growth and personal development.Dave Ursillo is a writer, dreamer and un-leader. He has learned his keys to success the hard way, based on learning from first-hand experience, including many failures! Dave's personal development blog,, is enjoying rapid growth and new popularity in the last several weeks. Dave is multipublished in personal development and technology blogs, online magazines, and in the internationally best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul book series.THE ATTITUDES OF A YOUNG CHANGE-LEADER1.  Consistency / Patience Consistency and patience are perhaps the most crucial attitudes toward achieving any success.2. Perseverance / DeterminationA determined mindset will help you persevere during difficulties and "down times" when you feel like giving up on your pursuits and goals. Remind yourself … [Read more...]

4 Benefits of Being Single

I know a lot of people who still want to find “Mr. Right” or "Ms. Right".  A person they can spend their “Sweet Moments” and "Forever" with.  And if you happen to be one of those searching for Mr. or Ms. Right, let me tell you an advice:It is best to be single!It may be too ironic for me to say this because I’m happily married.  I want to inspire those who are heartbroken or lonely because their alone and single.  In this article, I'll explain why it is best to be single by stating the four benefits of being single.1.  Time to Search and Find the “Right” Person I've been in two relationships, one left me brokenhearted and the other made me the happiest wife.  At one point in my life, I've believed that the first person I've loved was the right person until I've found love again.  In my second relationship, I've realized the real meaning of “right person”, and it’s not only about the superficial aspect, like he’s gorgeous, kind, nice and smart.  Instead, it’s about … [Read more...]

The Win-Win Attitude: Building a “WE” World

(Davao Philippines River Rafting Experience with Friends)Last night, I was talking with my sister about relationship.  Our topic covered:Relationship between couple; Relationship between co-workers; Relationship between families; Relationship with yourself; and Relationship with the world.We deal with relationship every day.  The moment we wake up, we build a relationship with our family, our spouse, children and other family members.  When we leave our house, we create a relationship with our neighbors and community.  As we ride public transport or driving our car on the way to our destination, we form a relationship to other people.  And once we reach our work, school or business office, we continue to mingle with people.Relationship building is very crucial in our daily life, but most of us neglect its importance.  Often, people just think of themselves and just think of how to benefit from other people.  Our world become so independent that almost … [Read more...]

LOVE: Let’s Make This World Beautiful

GuestPost by: Amit Kumar Amit is  a software engineer by profession.  He has a keen interest in motivational books, articles, blogs.  He started writing blogs last year and was enjoying writing about his vivid experiences.  He thinks life is a great teacher and it teaches and motivates him everyday. His blogs are  a reflection of various thoughts he has accumulated in his mind while passing through life changing moments. If you would like to find out more about him and his writings,  feel free to visit his website, click A Search for MotivationI read Lou’s article few days back and It was about love and how it changed her life.  Her article made me think about love and its power. I never understood love earlier and it remained   just a word for me few years back. But I have realized now that love is more than a word.  In fact, lack of Love is root of all the problems and love is the only solution for most of the problems around. This article is my realization of … [Read more...]