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Relaxation Techniques to Minimize Stress and Fatigue

Have you been feeling that your life is really tiring and stressful because of too many responsibilities?  Have you notice you are becoming easily irritated and depressed with people or circumstances?  Well, my friend that can be a sign of over fatigue and over work. Every day, most of us wake up to work.  It's either we are working in our own business, working for a company or other person, working at home doing house chores or taking care of babies, or working our mind thru studying. In a given week, average days we are at work is 5 days, and an increasing case happens that we even have to be working 6 to 7 days a week.  That's why in a year, the only time we get to completely rest and relax is during holidays or availing leaves.Time is our most important asset If you want to succeed in life, you should know how to value your time.  How you spend your time will matter because each minute has an effect to the result.  Spending your time towards your desired result is crucial in … [Read more...]

How to Lead Without a Title?

Last April 9, 2011 (Saturday), we’ve conducted our very first event entitled “Celebrate Life with”, which was held in my local country, Philippines.  The event consisted of the following:Personality Development and Life Mastery Seminar; Book Launching and signing of our latest book entitled, “Life Begins @ 21: 21 Days to Begin a Good Life”. Now available on printed soft-bound copies; and Celebration of the foundation of, since 2009.Here’s a glimpse of the event: PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT AND LIFE MASTERY SEMINAR As mentioned, part of the event was a free “Personality Development and Life Mastery Seminar” which I’ve personally conducted.Although each of us has different definition of success and happiness in life, however, there are common universal principles in acquiring it.  And that was the purpose of the free personality development and life mastery seminar, to teach participants on the universal principles of … [Read more...]

Finding Work and Life Balance

“People put all their eggs in one basket to chase power, prosperity, position, prestige, or pleasure to find success.  But once they have it, they realize they haven’t succeeded at all in the most significant areas of their lives” – Dr. Ron Jenson Every day, we wake up with some level of motivation, whether we are aware of it or not.  May it be for work, school, home or community reason, each morning, you wake up with a purpose to fulfill. Take a minute to reflect on this question: “What motivates you to wake up each morning?  And do your actions fulfill your motivation and purpose?”My motivation(s) is (are) ____________________________________________________________. My action(s) is (are) ________________________________________________________________.   Sample motivations can be promotion, career progression, power, prestige, building wealth, honor, raising great kids and family, touring the world, acquiring material things, socializing, … [Read more...]

How to Wow and Be Free From Self-Limitation?

If you’ve known me a couple of years ago, you won’t think that one day it will be possible that I will write articles and speak in public seminars.  Back in my younger days, I’ve used to be very reserved, shy and timid.  People see me as a snob and introverted.  I don’t talk much to people outside my close circle because I don’t know how to start and retain a conversation.  When I’m in a crowded place, I just sit in the dark and far side of the room so no one will notice me.  I’ve always wanted and have been comfortable being behind the scenes.  I was the type who just wants to be part of the crowd and I don’t want to stand out. But a day came when I realized I’m missing a lot of things in life because I have so many self-limitations and limiting beliefs.  That day began my journey to self-improvement or personal development.  Since the day I recognized I had something to change with my attitude and mindset, it changed a lot of things in my life. Now, after learning different ways on … [Read more...]