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The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

The best minute I spend is the one I invest in people. – The One Minute Manager The ability to effectively deal, manage and lead people is one of the greatest challenge we are now faced.  People are becoming more independent, strong-minded and stubborn which makes human communication and relationship a common stressful problem. Majority of us wants to excel and win against other people.  We think and believe that we are better than anyone else, and as such, we don't want to be told what to do and we seldom know how to appreciate other people's attitudes, skills and talents (unless they are celebrity).  This kind of mindset and behavior often leads us with unhealthy and   Stressful relationships with people we work and deal with, whether at home, work, business, in school, community or even with ourselves and our own life. This problem also cause decline in the number of people who we call as "leaders".  Nowadays, it is hard to effectively influence and lead other people.  Most of us … [Read more...]

Over Analysis Leads to Paralysis

A common cause that blocks one's ability to achieve success, happiness and fulfillment in life is the tendency of falling into over analysis.  The ability to examine and analyze complex problems and situations is an important skill, yet, it becomes hindrance if it's done too much. My first job, after getting my Professional License in Accountancy, was Associate Auditor in a Big Four Accounting firm, Ernst and Young Philippines.  Being an external auditor, it is a common practice to examine and analyze thoroughly the financial business transactions of a company under audit.  And the deeper you examine and analyze, the more audit findings you get to report. After that job, I've worked in a multinational oil firm and handled inventory reconciliation analysis. Again, having strong analytical skill was crucial to the job because the job needs to find and resolve the discrepancies in the inventory, and its equivalent financial amount.  It is known to most accountants, even IT (information … [Read more...]

Practice Makes Permanent

An ounce of practice is worth more than a ton of preaching. - Mohandas Gandhi  It is easy to admire a person with great talent, skill or high level of intelligence.  Oftentimes, we call them gifted or special.  We like to praise and celebrate their works and achievements. An example of a man with great talent and skill that is widely celebrated is Manny Pacquiao – PACMAN.  If you are a sport enthusiast, especially the sport of boxing, you may know him very well. Here's a brief story about Manny Pacquiao - PACMAN: Pacman is a Filipino professional boxer and currently the number one pound-for-pound boxer of the world.  He's been called as the "Fighter of the Decade" and has been consistently called as the "Fighter of the Year".  He is the first eight-division world champion, having won six world titles, and first to win lineal championship in four different weight classes.  In the field of professional boxing, Manny Pacquiao’s boxing skills and accomplishments are indeed one … [Read more...]

The Art of War for Women by Chin-Ning Chu Book Review

Chin-Ning Chu, bestselling author of The Art of War for Women, said about this book: This is not a feel-good book. (But I am confident you will feel good after reading it.)  It is not a motivational book. (But I promise you will be motivated to achieve what you want, once you are done.)  Ultimately, its purpose is to provide women with the strategies we all need to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of our achieving everything we want. It was in June 2009 when I’ve bought and read Chin-Ning Chu’s bestselling book, The Art of War for Women: Sun Tzu’s Ancient Strategies and Wisdom for Winning at Work. Back in those days, I wanted to learn strategies in succeeding and winning in life.  I’ve used to believe in destiny.  But there came a day when I’ve seen things differently and started to understand that life is not destiny, instead, it is more of a choice.  We create our own destiny with the choices we make every single day, whether their small or big decisions.  And to help … [Read more...]

Hate: A Sign of Weakness

Every day, we meet and deal with different kinds of people.  There will be people we will enjoy their company while there will be those we find it difficult to relate and work with.  And the longer we spend our time with them, the more we will like or hate them. In our relationship with people, it seems like we fall into three different set of attitudes, it's either we like, hate or don't care. When we like the people around us, we tend to be more positive, energetic and happy.  On the other hand, when we hate the people around us, we become negative, stressed and unhappy. But when we don't care or have not invested emotion with the people around us, our mood is neutral, we are neither happy nor sad.  We are neither positive nor negative.  We are neither energetic nor stressed. In our daily encounters with people, it's best if we can maintain either a positive or a neutral attitude.  Of course, it is easier said than done, especially when you have already developed a negative … [Read more...]