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Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Two rules to follow: 1) Don't sweat the small stuff; 2) It's all small stuff. ~ Robert ElliotOne of the great sources of negative emotions, such as stress, worry, anxiety, depression, and unhappiness, is sweating over the small stuff. Sweating on small stuff means you get to easily react, condemn and be emotional by unwanted circumstances with small relevance or effect. Also it can be when you are too fast in criticizing and complaining about the actions of other people that is not align to your beliefs. This kind of attitude is often caused by your negative thoughts and uncontrolled emotions. To determine if you are easy to sweat over small stuff, observe how you response to daily circumstances in your life. How many times do you complain in a day? How often do you take notice and criticize of other people's behavior? If you find yourself complaining more than once a day, then you are possibly falling in the syndrome of sweating over small stuff. This negative mental and … [Read more...]

Setting Priorities in Life

A significant defining moment in my life was to grow up without my parents around.  Both of them were busy earning a living and working.  My siblings and I was under the custody of my mom’s sisters, our two Aunts.  I remember when I was still in grade school, I only get to see my mom twice a week, and that’s every weekend. On the other hand, I only get to see my dad once a year, since he works abroad (out of the country). Growing up, I was privileged to buy and have whatever I want, like nice toys and clothes.  I also went to exclusive private schools.  My parents were great providers (and spoilers).  They worked so hard to give us whatever we want and send us to good schools.  However, the exchange was their time and presence. It was really hard to grow up without my parents around.  Living without them around looking after us created a great deal of impact in our family situation. Our family situation was we never lived and stayed together in one home.  There were always people … [Read more...]

Importance of Personal Development

Personal development is the act or process of understanding and developing oneself in order to achieve one's fullest potential. Personal development is a vital part in a person's growth, maturity, success and fulfillment. It is the foundation of mature personality, better relationship, happiness, success and prosperity. Unfortunately, however, not everyone is aware of the importance of personal development. It wasn't given much attention at home, work or in school. People give more importance to academic and professional achievement rather than personal growth. This has caused a lot of emotional struggles that many people go through in life because they lack the soft skills which are crucial to one's success and happiness. Such lack of self-understanding and principle-centered way of living blocks one's ability to live an enjoyable and successful life. I admit that I didn't know the importance of personal development until I was privileged to attend one personal development training … [Read more...]

Work Smarter Not Harder

We often hear this expression:"Work smarter not harder. The way to success is to work smarter, not harder."Such phrase is easy to say but it takes a lot of effort to apply. Either because you don't know what it means, or you find it hard to change the way you do things and adopt to this new concept of working.The Common Scenario of Working Hard You may have been raised to believe that working hard is the key to success, like most of us did. That's why you make it a point that you wake up early morning to prepare for work and then go home really late to finish your work. By living this kind of hardworking lifestyle, you feel productive, fulfilled and successful. However, when you are alone and you start to reflect about your life, you feel that you are not enjoying and living life at its best. You lack time for other areas of your life, like your health, family, friends, community or your personal growth. Despite over the years of hard work and dedication to your job, you … [Read more...]

How to Stop Spending Money (Too Much)?

"The problem is not that we don't know how to earn more; the problem is we don't know how to spend less."Have you noticed that the more you earn; the more things you want to have, and the higher you spend? Your desire to have more. It may come from a desire to look good for other people, or it's your own self-satisfaction. There's nothing wrong in buying and acquiring the material (and non-material things) that you want, anyway, that's the reason why you are working hard, right? The problem only arises is if you spend most of your earnings without allocating anything to save or invest for your future.3 Problems If You Spend Money Too Much There are many problems with spending too much money, however, in this article, I will only share three:Spending too much money will trap you to a lifelong routine of getting up in the morning to go to work because you need to earn money to sustain your daily needs. If you are happy with the thought of working until you are in your … [Read more...]