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One Minute Praising and Positive Feedback

Help people reach their full potential... Catch them doing something right. - The One Minute Manager How often do you receive positive feedback and encouragement from people? On the other hand, how often do you give positive feedback and encouragement to other people? Commonly, it is easier to look and criticize other people's shortcomings (what they did wrong) rather than appreciate and praise their accomplishments (what they did right). The top drawback of our inability to give praise and positive feedback are disagreements and broken relationships. At home, in school, at work, in our community or government, oftentimes, people who misbehave, and do against the rules, comes from their feeling of being unappreciated and unwanted.Feedback Affects Result I remember when I was still working in a private corporation; I was able to observe two people from my team with two different working attitude and career result. The first person has high intellectual capacity ~ who even … [Read more...]

Top 4 Unhealthy Food List

A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools. ~ Spanish ProverbHave you ever experienced a moment where you found out that everything you know or been practicing isn't right? That doing things differently is the best course of action yet you find it hard to do so because you're comfortable doing the wrong stuff. As for me, there are couples of old and wrong beliefs, already part of my life system and habits for several years, which I discovered were not helpful for me. And one of those is my unhealthy eating habit. I realized that majority of what I was accustomed of eating and drinking was not healthy. And since I was very picky on what I eat, it is hard for me to change my unhealthy eating and drinking habits. No wonder why I used to get sick easily and I don't gain enough weight. But for the past couple of months, I was forcing myself to eat and drink healthy food and beverages. My great motivation was the baby inside my … [Read more...]

4 Roadblocks to Productivity and Success

Every one of us has the capacity to come up with great ideas with huge possibilities of success. But only few are able to implement and actually do it. And those few are the ones who often achieve success. How often do you find yourself coming up with a really great idea that you get excited about it, you plan thoroughly and then fail to implement it or you stop in the middle of the action? I'm often guilty of this truth. If only someone can become rich by simply having an idea and great plan, I will have been one of the richest because of the ideas and plans I was able to create yet fail to implement. As such, there were days I get stressed and frustrated because of too much ideas and plans with no result. But as they say, when you are able to see and admit your own weaknesses, it begins your journey to change and improvement. And it was true, because when I recognized I lacked productivity and success because of my certain attitudes and behaviors which becomes roadblocks, that's … [Read more...]

Measure of Wealth: How to Determine Your Net Worth?

Most people measure their wealth or richness based on the assets they own, such as house, car, clothes, jewelry, watch, electronic gadget, etc. The more material things they acquire, the richer and wealthier they think they are.However, the true measure of wealth or richness doesn’t rest upon the assets you own, but on net worth. The Real Measure of Wealth and RichnessNet worth represents the total assets you own less the total liabilities you owe.  NET WORTH = TOTAL ASSETS - TOTAL LIABILITIES  As mentioned, total assets pertain to all the tangible and intangible properties you were able to buy or acquire. On the other hand, total liabilities refer to the amount of obligation or money you owe an individual or organization – such as financial institutions, banks, credit card companies, etc. – in order to purchase your assets.  Sample Illustration # 1: Financially Poor You purchased a luxurious house and lot worth $100,000. And in order to pay … [Read more...]

Change Your Life by Changing Your Perspective

Majority of people loves to complain about many areas of their life, like their job, home, school, government, community, etc., yet they are unwillingly to act and do something to change it. They want the circumstance to change on its own without the need for them to change. As a result, years have passed by and they still complain on the same things. When I hear and meet people who endlessly complain about the undesirable and negative conditions that life brings them, I can't help but to remember what Albert Einstein have said;"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different result."I learned about this phrase when I was still employed. Back then, I was struggling financially, emotionally and physically because of too much work responsibility, low salary pay and lack of fulfillment and enjoyment in my life. What I did is what most people do; I complained and condemned my stressful and difficult situations. I blamed it to my boss and the company for taking … [Read more...]