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What To Do After a Break Up?

At one point in life, we may¬†experience getting our¬†heart broken. Whether the relationship fell apart, feelings faded or there's already someone else. I, too, experienced getting my heart broken. It was indeed a painful experience because it came unexpectedly, I was blinded and unprepared. During those times I wished I could have read the signs that it was coming so it didn't hurt that bad, but later on I realized no one is really prepared for a heartbreak that's why it's painful. I wasn't able to handle the break up with poise, in fact, I handled it bad. I remember crying so much in a busy fast food without caring that people are staring. I was crying in my office desk in the middle of my work that everyone in my team, including my boss, knew I was heartbroken. I was crying and drunk in the middle of a lively bar where my friends had to carry me back home. I was in a total mess and it lasted for about ten months before I finally got myself back together. After all, it was a 5 years … [Read more...]

Do Your Best Each Day

Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment. - Oprah WinfreyEvery day, we are given two choices: (1) Keep a positive spirit to do our best; or (2) Cling to negative emotion that will waste our day. Most of us treat each day as the same; we see each day as ordinary like the rest. Commonly, it's either we fill our day with negative stuff or we treat it bluntly with less or no enthusiasm. And as such, our life becomes ordinary with fewer fulfillments, that eventually, our life becomes boring.Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success. ~ Dale CarnegieThe Story of a Carpenter A story I recall that reminds me of the importance of doing my best each day is about an old carpenter. Here's a quick read of the said story:The carpenter was already old and was about to retire from working as he told his employer of his plans to leave the house-building company to … [Read more...]