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3 Basic Ways to Cure Emotional Depression

Some people experience at one point in their life the negative feeling of sadness and lack of fulfilment in life. Such emotion, if prolonged, can lead to depression.Depression is a negative emotion that blocks a person’s ability to enjoy and be satisfied.When a person is depressed, she lacks enthusiasm towards her day’s activity. She constantly complains on a lot of things, people or circumstances. She worries and gets anxious about the future. She regrets or misses past events.If you find yourself being trapped in negative emotions and depressions, here are some tips on how to cure your negative emotional tendencies. 1. Think more than you feel As humans, especially women, we are emotional. We tend to decide and act based on what we feel that we forget to think clearly. Our inability to think before we feel, it results for us to make unwise decisions and actions. So the next time we are trapped with negative emotion, it is best if we direct our mind to be on top of our … [Read more...]