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Time is Gold

One of the popular saying about time is this, “Time is gold”. But what does it exactly mean?Many believe that time is said to be like gold because it’s as precious and important. In financial terms, gold is one of the valuable assets that a person can possess or own which defines wealth.Oftentimes overlooked, yet another reason why gold is valuable is that it is rare and irreplaceable. I found this truth while watching documentary about the earth and its natural resources. According to science, gold is limited because it came from asteroids that hit the earth billions of years ago. As such, the only way to increase the supply of gold on earth is to have another asteroid carrying gold hit the earth. And this occurrence may be rare to happen or I don’t think we want that to happen for the catastrophe that asteroid can do on earth.Upon seeing the said documentary and learning the important facts about gold, I took note of the possible reasons why time is a lot like gold. … [Read more...]

How to Develop Positive Attitude?

Every day, we deal with many life stress and problems that can bring us bad moods or feelings. Oftentimes, these moods turn into negative attitude which shows in our facial expression or with the way we speak. I, too, have struggled to keep a positive attitude in the midst of life stress and chaos. Sometimes it even leads to depression which retains me from enjoying life.In my family, most people are idealist and pessimist. So growing up, I was accustomed to negative thinking and feeling. It became my habit to see the negative things rather than look at the bright side. This kind of mentality made it hard for me to make friends and build good relationship with people. It also made it hard for me to get contented with my life. I was always looking for reasons to feel unhappy with my life by looking at what I don’t have instead of being grateful for what I do have. As such, it was hard for me to focus on succeeding because my negative attitude always comes up which leads me to … [Read more...]

Create a Financial Plan

If money is evil, try poverty. Many people believes that money is not important. Yet they cry in poverty and complains their financial difficulty. Lack of money brings stress into their lives. Furthermore, some people thinks that money is the root of all evil. They believe that having lots of money causes many unfortunate event and problem.What most people don’t know is that money is important, and that lack of money is often the root of all evil doings. Oftentimes, the reason why there are lots of crimes in our environment is money. Evil doers rob people in the streets, houses, banks, establishments, etc. in order to gain a little money.The bad thing about not having money does not only causes street crimes, but also wrongdoings at home. Such as when we spend more time outside our home working, not being able to look after our children and family, in order to earn a little money.Sometimes, we even bring our money problems at home. We become irritable and hard to deal with … [Read more...]