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5 Ways to Overcome Your Lost Motivation

No matter how slow you go, you are still ahead of those who lay down on the couch and do nothing. Get moving. Work on your dreams.Have you experience a time where you have an idea or a goal, you are so excited to get started and do the work, but along the way, you lose motivation? It’s a moment where you feel stuck and unwilling to move. And as you continue to procrastinate, eventually you get depressed for lack of result in your life. Many of us go through this phase in our life, especially if you are a goal-oriented individual who’s in pursuit of your dream. As I came to realised and experienced that we go through three (3) stages when we pursue our dreams.Start - at this stage we have high energy cause we are still excited with the idea of our goals turning to reality. Middle - in accounting we call this stage as “work-in-progress”. This means that the work has started but still not yet completed. This is the most difficult stage because the hard work is done here. … [Read more...]