3 Things to Do Before Changing Your Life

ChangeWhat are the changes that you’ve always wanted to happen in your life? I’m sure most of us have that hidden desire to change, like changes in our financial status, careers, relationships, habits or even changing the big cute floppy belly of ours.  We all have that desire to change for it’s a part of being human.

Ask yourself, are you prepared for those changes to happen?

Luckily, we have the capacity to drive those kinds of changes in our lives. Those changes are within our control, however, we can have them only if we do something about them. And before doing something we need to prepare. This is just a simple preparation and simple check list before going to the battle of those changes.

1. Know Your Reason

Most of us want something but don’t really know the pure essence why we want it. Take the following as example:

Most of us think that we want a house but what we really want is “comfort”.

Most of us thinks that we want to resign in our job because we think that we want to focus in our business ventures.

We want to focus in our business ventures because we want more growth and it gives us the opportunity to have more time.

We want more time maybe because we want to spend it with our love ones.

We want to be with our love ones because in there we feel “happiness” that we cannot find somewhere else.

Take time to reflect, but don’t just think. You should feel it. What do you want to feel? What is the feeling of being there, what do you want to feel while having it?

2. Create the Intention to Win

Do you really want those changes?

Before doing something about the things you want in life try asking yourself if you really want it. Before entering any relationship, any business venture and any battle in life make sure that you really want it. If you do it just because your dog wants it then don’t.

Without the clear intention in what we do, it will be harder to put our heart into it.

If it’s really what you want then you should have at least the intention to fulfill it. Remember, that before entering any battle we should know that we need to win it.

Don’t do just for the sake of doing. Do it to win.

3. Do Some Killing

What’s holding you back?

You have to let it go. Like if we want to take out the cute big floppy belly of ours and you’re determine to do so, what we need then is to kill our lazy self and do some exercise. (No! we don’t need a gun here, sit ups will do.)

We are our own enemy. Identify what is stopping you and then let it go. W ether its a bad habit, beliefs or past experiences, keep in mind that it is in our control to let it go. We just need to make our dreams more powerful than those things. It is fearful at first because it is our comfort zone, but what is more powerful, your fear or your dream?

We cannot be the same person at the same time. If want to be someone else, the old one needs to go.

Start to become a better person. Let go of the old self.

I hope those simple advice will help you in your journey. Please feel free to tell us what you think.


  1. A very helpful article indeed. It reminds me of something important. Thank you for posting this.

  2. To the uninitiated reader, your steps may seem simple, but they are ever so necessary and crucial to the success of any change.

    The only thing I would add is “Make the decision to change in a quiet, private place at a quiet, private time”.

    Well written!

  3. Good post. I would add that sometimes change happens to you and you have to react in some way. There is no such thing as security so at any moment change can visit you. What to do then? Reacting in some way can mean rolling with the changes, going against the change to maintain your goals or simply being quiet and seeing where the change will take you.
    Life seems to be, for me, a series of decisions that lead to other decisions and at times thinking about your decision too much can result in inaction, stagnation or bad decisions.
    Sometimes you just have to listen to your, “gut” and take a chance.

  4. Three things to do prior to bringing a determined change are three best commands to have effective change.
    I would humbly like to add, change does not occur , it has to be caused by strong will.


    Dr Vaishya

  5. We agree that change is caused by strong will, we make it happen. But we’d like to add that change also occurs by circumstances beyond our control or we did not expect.

    Although the root cause of that change is because of certain acts we’ve done in the past, still the result created a circumstance that we didn’t expect. And to best address this kind of circumstances, a change we didn’t expect, you may refer to 5 stages of change.

    Hope the above article helped you create the change that you want. Thanks for your feedbacks. 😀

  6. Hi Brian. Thanks for your comment.

    I’d like to relate it with one of our post, 5 Stages of Change.

    In that post, you’d learn that:

    Change has two impacts, a positive and negative. On the positive side, it gives us an opportunity to experience new greater things and to give us a moving forward attitude. On the other side, we tend to get lost and feel like a failure because it hit us unaware and unprepared. Sad to say that most can relate to the latter compared to the former.

    And we agree that in cases of change that you did not expect, instead of reacting negatively or feeling sad on such change, take the lighter and positive side, listen to your gut and take a chance. For who knows, such change can be a blessing in disguise. 🙂

    Thanks alot for the contributions. 🙂

  7. Hi ronit, thanks alot for you comment.

    Change is the hardest thing to do for many eventhough the steps to change is easy.
    And the only thing that keeps people from doing so is their sincere “choice” to do so.

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  9. Hi Tommie, thanks for your comment. Feel free to share this blog and its content to your students. 🙂

  10. Just one favor tho, please don’t forget to site the author and our site. Thank you 🙂

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