3 Tips in Finding The Right Shoes For Women

1153949_red_shoeStudies have shown that it takes a lot more time for women to go shopping than men does.

And to explicitly illustrate, when a women shop for a shoe, it will take a whole day roaming around all the possible available shops to find the perfect, comfortable, fashionable and eye-catching shoes.

On the other hand, men looking for a shoe will only take five minutes. They’ll go in the first shop they’d see and buy the first shoe that they think will suit their need. That’s it.

This simple illustration can show how men differ from women not only in shopping but in a lot of decision making aspect of life.

In the previous generations, men dominate women. Women were treated as second grade citizens although this had changed dramatically in many countries now. Women have started to little by little dominate the world that men revolves into. However, only a few women have done so because a lot of women are still left roaming and looking around for the right “shoes”. They have too many reasons why they can’t find and make the right decision or choice.

The question now is how can women easily find their right shoes and the rest of their decision making in life?

Here are some tips you have to consider so you can finally choose and keep going:

1) Stop fantasizing and get back to reality

Women and children are quite similar on something, that’s fantasy. We like to find the most “perfect” shoes of all the shoes in the whole shopping mall and sometimes, visiting one mall isn’t enough.

Dream/Fantasy are good to keep us motivated but too much can lead us to nowhere. Why? Because we may be too idealistic that we miss our chance.

Stop looking for that “perfect” shoe that you miss the one shoe that already matches what you need.

Sometimes you need to choose and act as fast as you can so that you can move and concentrate on more other important things that most need of your time.

2) Focus on what you want and why you want it

Women feel like in a limbo when shoe shopping is concern. Because they’ve roamed a lot and have seen a lot, now they feel lost on too many options that they have in mind. And in this case, they might end up buying two pairs of shoes or roam another mall.

Being in a limbo is not only seen in shopping but in life itself. A lot of career women are being divided on which to concentrate on. Like a woman with a family is being divided on what to prioritize, being a good career-women or a mother. And because they do not choose, they hold on to have both and try hard to balance it.

But even if we deny it, sometimes we need to choose on what really matters most. Not knowing what’s important to us can lead us unsatisfied and unhappy with our life. And worse, you might lose both worlds.

Always follow what you want and your hearts greatest desires. Sometimes you need to decide and live on to your decisions.

Remember, it’s not the end that is worthwhile but the journey along the way.

3) Do not be afraid to wear that high heels

Nowadays, women that wear high heels represent “power”. The higher the heels, the confident and powerful a woman is.

Most conventional people are afraid to wear those high heels for reasons that they couldn’t walk with or they are not comfortable with it while most aggressive women have the confidence to do so.

Having the spirit to wear the heels adds point to your potentials, however, wearing the heels itself doesn’t create the spirit within you.

Always create a positive and fighting spirit within you and all the rest will just follow outwardly. Remember, that nothing beats a positive confidence in oneself. No one else will believe in your potentials more than you do.

Now, are you still having a hard time finding that shoes?

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