3 Words That Builds Great Relationships

‘How Are You?’

When was the last time you’ve asked somebody these words?  And how do you response when somebody open ups to you?

Few days ago, I went home and spared some time to hang around with my family, watching TV in our living room and I’ve asked some of them the question, ‘how are you?’  The night became a lot of fun because were able to discover things from each other and talk about the activities we do in our day to day life.

To tell you honestly, in the past, I rarely spend time watching TV or even have time to hang out with my family in our living room.  I was too focused to succeed in life that my day was always filled with the demands of my profession. I’ve forgotten that there is this simple yet important part of my life, the time I spend with my family.

I’ve grew up in a career-oriented family, both of my parents have the same profession, they are Professional Accountant.  It is the great reason why I’ve took accountancy as my profession too. Because when I was still in my toddler days, my mom always brings us to her workplace.  The nice working clothes, high rise buildings and all the travels around our country, made me want to become accountant too.  So I’ve focused my time on studying hard, get high grades, graduate in the best schools and work on the best high paying jobs.  You’d be amazed how I was able to make it all come true because of my focus.  But a time came that I’ve realized something that changed my perception in my life.

Despite the stable financial status our parents was able to provide us, there was one thing they’ve neglected to provide us in the past, and that was their ‘time’.  I and my siblings grew up without our parents because both of them were busy in their careers and earning a living.  They were too busy at work and didn’t have time to raise us up.  Our parents let our aunt look after us and stood as our mother taking care of our needs in school and at home. We didn’t mind the set up because we thought that’s how life really is when you grow up.  I’ve thought then that life was all about making a living.  And my family is a great teacher on how to earn a living by implying us to study and work hard.  But one thing I didn’t learn from them is how to make a life, how to enjoy and live the good life.

And as a natural learner of life and the exposure I’ve had in meeting and dealing with different people from almost all walks of life, it opened my mind and taught me a great perspective in life.  I came to understand a lot of things in life, the different aspect that comprises the good life.  I’ve shared some of these learning and realizations here in this site.  And I’ve even created an eBook to share a system and discuss in detail all the lessons I’ve learned and realized in living the good life.

One of the best lessons I’ve learned and shared in the eBook is the importance of how we spend our time with people significant in our life.  In Day 10 – Understand Relationship, I’ve discussed the relevance of maintaining great relationship with people around you.  I’ve also shared the ways on how to build and maintain great relationship with people.

Because in our world now, often, we are too focused in providing the needs and wants of the people we love, yet we forget to give their most important need, and that’s us, our attention, affection and time.  And then we ask ourselves why our children have turned away from us and why they don’t show respect to us, or even hate us.  We blame their friends, their school or the community our children spend time with, but we never take a look at how we spend our time with them.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you just sitting down and really listen to significant people in your life?   Do you know what they love or hate?  Do you know their problems and fears?  When was the last time you ate dinner together?  When was the last time you watched TV together?  When was the last time you’ve asked what’s going on in their life?

I hope it’s not too late for you to ask these three (3) words that builds great relationships. Start today and say to people important to you, ‘how are you?

Want to learn more on how to build great relationships and live a good life?

Lifetofullest.com has written an eBook that can guide you to enjoy the good life.  One of the key principles discussed in the eBook is how to maintain great relationships (Day 10 – Understand Relationship).

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