5 Benefits of Self-Education

The ability to self-educate is probably one of the rare but most important characteristic someone must have to succeed in our time.

Whenever I’m in my son’s school, I can’t help not to look on this signage:

“All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten.”

The signage is like saying that most of the things we studied in elementary, high school and college are not as important as what we’ve learned in kindergarten.

I came to realised recently that our school education just prepared us to be a good employees. We studied in school in general in order to adapt well to the society or community we live in. But if you really want to excel and succeed beyond the norm, you need to educate or learn beyond the regular “schooling”, and that’s through self-education.

What is Self-Education?

Self-education, for me, is the ability to continuously learn and discover new things beyond the regular school system or corporate and professional trainings.

Self-education is by reading books, watching webinars, listening to audiobooks, attending events, networking to people who has achieved what you want to achieve, etc. Self-education is having the initiative to take action in enhancing or improving yourself, not because you have to, but because you want to. And because you want to improve, you will seek and finds ways to self-educate no matter what the circumstance is.

5 Benefits of Self-Education

Personally, I was only exposed to the idea of self-education back in 2008.  Before that year, I was also a believer that having a good school education is enough to succeed. This is why I studied really hard when I was still in school. I’ve always strived to be on top of the class and I’ve strived to get into the top universities.

But despite being top in class and graduating from top university in our country, back then, I was unsuccessful and unable to achieve my goals in life.

Thankfully an event happened that made me rethink of what I do with my life. That same year prompted me to start reading personal development books and to self-educate.

Since the day I’ve decided to self-educate, a lot of things have changed in my life. And I’d share with you some of the benefits I’ve seen in self-education. This is to encourage you to do the same, and hopefully, it will also lead you to achieving your life goals.

1. Self-education develops discipline

Self-education develops discipline. The discipline to continuously learn.

When you practice self-education, reading becomes a habit. Attending practical trainings/events becomes a habit. Because you understand that there’s many things you need to learn, and you always seek for more learnings. Not for the purpose of having certificates, but because of your desire to acquire knowledge and expertise.

When learnings becomes a discipline, your growth is bigger.

2. Self-education expands your perspective

There’s a saying that goes,

“Small minds discusses people. Big minds discusses events, business and other more important things except people”

When you develop self-education, you have less time and patience talking about other people. Instead you focus your time on how to improve yourself and the way you do things. You start to learn that talking about other people won’t change the circumstance. You start to learn that most often, change should start with you, and not from the outer. And because of that change in mindset and habit, your perspective changes and expand.

3. Self-education allows you to adapt to fast changing environment

Change happens every day. But oftentimes we only see or realise it when the impact is obvious to us.

When you self-educate, you become more adaptable to change. In fact, when you self-educate, you can predict or anticipate change. Because of your habit of continuous learning and your openness to learn new things, it becomes easy for you to see change before change happens.

4. Self-education gives you confidence to communicate to anyone

Oftentimes, the reason you find it hard to communicate and relate to other people is cause your lack of self-confidence and the fear of judgement.

Self-education increases your self-confidence. And when your self-confidence is high, it becomes easier for you to communicate and talk to anyone including people who you think are better than you. Self-education removes insecurity. At the same time, self-education teaches you the value of choosing who you spend your time with, because you know how these people will impact your life. And so you are deliberate in carefully choosing who your spend your precious time with.

5. Self-education increases your earning capability

Last but not least benefit of self-education is it increases your earning capability. Because the more you know, the more you can take advantage of opportunities that comes your way. Sometimes, you even create the opportunity.


I hope this article has inspired you to self-educate. Let me leave you this thought to ponder from Jim Rohn:

Formal education will make you a living; selfeducation will make you a fortune.


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