5 Top Christmas Gifts this Holiday

It’s Christmas Month again, probably, the happiest month of the year for many.  The time when a lot of happy things are going around the globe.  Like the cold weather (snow!), the happy Christmas char-oles, the shining bright lights around the streets, the holiday spirit and last but not the least, the gift giving spirit.


Alot of people are looking forward for this season most especially because of the parties and gift giving.  And I’m pretty sure, you are one of them.

The question now is have you started thinking (or even actually buying) the gifts you would give to your loved ones?

If not, here’s the quick list you can choose from.

Top 5 Coolest and Hippest Christmas Gift this season:

5)  Anything related to “Twilight”


(Image courtesy of Wikipedia.com)

This is selling like hotcakes at this moment, proven by the blockbuster movie just recently.  May it be a book or the movie’s dvd player (or whatever form of disc) will surely make your recipient happy.  If he isn’t one of the fellas who go gaga over this series, well, he can always sell it for profit. 🙂

4)  Something with an Apple


A brand that “wows”.  May the person be a music lover or just plainly techie little geeky.  Apple is what makes the geek “cool”.  We haven’t thought it will be possible but it did became possible.  Pretty sure that whoever will receive your Apple stuff will surely be smiling.

3)  Be Wii


(Image courtesy of Amazon.com)

Something to use for fun and stress relief.  Typically, it will be best gift for those who are the most stressed and busiest person you know.

2) Amazon’s Kindle Wireless Reader


(image courtesy of amazon.com)

I personally salute this product.  I’m a book addict myself and what more can be so fabulous than a techie library?  It can store more than the number of books I could ever think of.  And whoever you’d think of giving this thingy will surely never forget you.

1) YOU


You often think that the most neglected person on earth are the poor, like the homeless and those living a life of scarcity.  But at times, you fail to realize that it includes our own loved ones.  You thought that working hard and giving them all the material things in this world will make them feel happy and loved.  But most of time, it doesn’t.

Remember, that you are the greatest gift that you can ever give to anyone.  The time you spend to show you care and you love them means more than any material stuff you can ever purchase and give.

This Christmas and all the rest of your days, try to give a piece of you to your loved ones.  It wouldn’t only make your loved ones happy but it will do the same to you.

How about you, what are the gifts you have in mind?

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