5 Ways to Overcome Your Lost Motivation

No matter how slow you go, you are still ahead of those who lay down on the couch and do nothing. Get moving. Work on your dreams.

Have you experience a time where you have an idea or a goal, you are so excited to get started and do the work, but along the way, you lose motivation? It’s a moment where you feel stuck and unwilling to move. And as you continue to procrastinate, eventually you get depressed for lack of result in your life.

Many of us go through this phase in our life, especially if you are a goal-oriented individual who’s in pursuit of your dream.

As I came to realised and experienced that we go through three (3) stages when we pursue our dreams.

  1. Start – at this stage we have high energy cause we are still excited with the idea of our goals turning to reality.
  2. Middle – in accounting we call this stage as “work-in-progress”. This means that the work has started but still not yet completed. This is the most difficult stage because the hard work is done here. Persistence and discipline is very important at this stage. As I came to realised, this is the stage which separates the dreamer vs the doer. The dreamer only dreams of a better future but do not act on it. The doer dreams of a better future and act on it. The middle stage is where dreamers tend to give up when they see the hard work that needs to be done. And this is the stage you’re probably in at the moment. But if you persist and fight the urge to give up at this stage, you can become a doer and successfully go to the last stage.
  3. Completion – At this stage, work has been completed and you are now seeing or enjoying the result.

I too experience the struggle of losing motivation in the middle stage. I would like to share with you how I turn around my demotivation back to being motivated again. How I push myself to see up to the completion of the work I wish to accomplish.

Here are some practical tips on how you can overcome your lost motivation:

1. Create a dream-board

A dream board is either an image or narrative of your goals in life. It’s the reason why you want to work and sacrifice your time now. Make it a habit that every morning, look at your dream-board. Use it as motivation, a reminder to act.

2. Don’t rush

Personally, as a goal-driven person, I tend to rush. I always feel like I only have limited time, so I have to act fast. I tend to be impatient. But I realised later on, rushing will do you harm than good. It will drain your energy and can also ruin your relationship with people.  Instead of rushing, set a definite and realistic deadline. Then act according to the deadline you have set. Be calm, consistently take action but don’t rush.

3. Keep moving no matter how slow

Make it habit to work on your goal every single day, no matter how slow you move, make sure you are moving. Because moving slow is better than doing nothing. The importance of moving everyday is the momentum and habit you built.

4. Concentrate and focus

Another important reminder when you pursue your dreams: do not overcommit or do so many things all at the same time.  I’m very much guilty of this, especially in the past. I was so proud of my ability to multi-task until I realise it is not an asset, but actually a disadvantage. Because I realised that when you try to do so many things at the same time, its either you don’t finish anything at all, or you drain your energy but accomplish too little.  When your energy is drained, you tend to lose your motivation and start to feel negative or depressed. I now believe that concentration and focus is the key to productivity and not multi-tasking.

5. Have a break

Set a time in a day for break even if its just for few minutes or an hour. During this break, stay away from people, computer, mobile phone or any device. Just be still and do nothing. Or if you can, sleep on it. Relax your brain, body and emotion. You can add breathing exercise or meditation. This is an effective way to destress.

I hope this article has somehow motivated you to act and be more positive in your pursuit towards your goals. Remember, that its normal to feel down but the key is to get yourself back up. For a final note, let me leave you this quote from Zig Ziglar:

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well neither does bathing – thats why we recommend it daily.


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