5 Ways to Pursue Happiness

gl-00013Nowadays, Life had become a complicated affair.  We deal with too much issues like stress, war, hunger, calamities, financial, emotional and all other crisis that makes life a commotion.  When asked about life, we tend to let go of a loud sigh instead of a smile.  Life becomes a liability instead of an asset with too much to do, with too little time.  Too many demands but too few resources.  It’s as if peace and quietness is a dream life.

How can we then face the brutality of life with a smile and happy heart?

1) Celebrate Life!!!

TODAY is always the best time to do so.

Many of us either lived by the memories of the past or by our dreams of tomorrow.  And as we do so, we tend to neglect what we have now.  This kind of living make us forget to be celebrate the life that we have NOW.

And the best way to celebrate life is to cherish the memories of our past and prepare for the future.  But most importantly, Celebrate the life that we have today! Be thankful for the you are alive today and make the most out of it.  For who knows, it will be your last day to do so.

Live Today as if it’s your last.

2)  Keep a notebook and write a “Thankful List”.

In a day, how many times do you complain on something?  On the other hand, how many times do you think of the things you are grateful of?

Sometimes we get too consumed by our anxieties that we tend to live a life of negativity.  Instead of listing and appreciating all the things we are grateful for, we just named all the things we are ungrateful of.

This simple way of thought creates a life of unhappiness.  For remember, Happiness is a choice.

And to help you choose happiness, start by listing down the things you are grateful and thankful for.

Count your blessings.  You’d be amazed on how you can get carried away from all your anxieties once you start naming out loud what you’re thankful for.

3) Create a Happy Outlet

Who we are and what we become is a mixture of our choice and the environment we live in.  Not all, but most of the time, if you want to know who you are, you don’t need to look far, you just have to look at your environment, the people and place that surrounds you.

So if you want to create a change in your unhappy life, you can do so by creating a happy environment.  Create a place that will make you smile.

You have a long list, it just depends on your likes.  It may include the following:

  • decorating your room
  • creating a happy-music playlist
  • organize your photos to relieve memories
  • hanging a painting
  • collecting and reading quotes or inspirational books
  • Bookmark of this website, www.lifetofullest.com
  • all the other things that can lift your spirit easily.

4) Remove “If Only”then replace it with “I Want”

Many of us eat our hearts out, suffering from the contagious “If Only” disease.  Like:

  • if only i had more money;
  • if only i had nicer clothes, car or house:
  • if only i have better spouse;
  • if only i have more friends;
  • and alot of if only.

Discontentment not only lures us to have self-pity but also it prevents us to be contented and be happy with our life.  The negative feeling we tends to blind us of how blessed we really are.  And as we feel more discontentment in our life, the more unhappy we become.

So how can you turn our “if only” to something positive?  The answer is to create “I want” list.

Listing down what we want give us positive power of dreaming and faith.

5)  Look Forward to the Rainbow.

Sufferings happens to all of us one time or another for wounds and failures are part of life.

Most of the time, sufferings are blessing in disguise for much better things to happen.  Plus it opens us learning and wisdom we can never ever learn the other way.

So whenever hardship occupy a spot of our life, be generous to yourself.  Do not fight it back with anger, instead, take it as part of the process for your maturity, success and a much better life.

Happiness is a choice.  It may be easy said than done and as such, we hope that the list above helped you somehow to make happiness a easier choice.


  1. I have no word to express my happiness and gratitude for the great job you are doing for one and all.The whole world is lost at a cross road looking for the direction to get peace and happiness.That; only that direction is given by you free to every one in a time of need.
    I pray and wish let God bless the whole team to make it a great and grand success.
    Of course I would consider myself proudly privileged, if I too ,some how ,be a part of it.

    Dr Chandra Shekhar Vishwa-Bandhu

  2. Hi My Dear Lou Macabasco,

    At this tender age you are so dedicated to the service of humanity,I personally and on behalf of the all human beings wish you a long life to change centuries old chaotic and turmoil ed world.
    Your introduction in simple words touching deep within needs no further boosting Macabacco.
    May I know the country of origin, just to bow to the soil of the land which produced such a genius soul.
    I keep longing to share the rich experience of your life journey.
    With regards,
    Dr Chandra Shekhar Vishwa-Bandhu

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