7-Up Success Story: Is It The Same With Your Story?

The road to success is never said to be easy.  As the saying goes,


If the road to success was easy, everyone would take it.


This is definitely true that’s why 80% of us stop and turn back just to avoid the hardship.  But how about the 20%, did they take it easily?


While most of us are wondering around not really sure where we are going, there are few who knows what they want and does something about it.  They take the steps then fail countless time, they get back to start all over then struggle some more.  Isn’t pitiful?  I don’t think so. Because oftentimes, these 20% few ends up to be the successful people we all look up to.  These are the few people we call “lucky” to receive so many blessings.  These are the few people we call “the right people”, “the one”, “the great”, “the talented”, “the smart”, and a lot more great phrases.


The reason why we NEVER achieved success is we stop before we start or a few steps after we’ve started.


For my personal experience, I’ve faced failures, struggles and frustrations in my road to success.  And every time I want to stop and go back, I just remind myself of


The 7-UP Success Story:


The story was about A Company that was formulating a product that it envisions to sell to the market.  They know their goal, they have the ingredients, and they know how to do it.  Below here is the story:


1st Experiment – FAILED

2nd Experiment – FAILED

3rd Experiment – FAILED

4th Experiment – FAILED

5th Experiment – FAILED

6th Experiment – FAILED


Okay, if you were A Company, what will you do?  You will continue the experiment, right?  It may have been the right thing or should have been, but the sad news is, A Company didn’t do the same.


A Company loses hope, gave up and sold the formula to B Company.  B Company, on the other hand, still had hopes on the success of the formula, so it continued the experiment.  And below was the result:


7th Experiment – SUCCESSFUL


The successful formula gave birth to 7-UP.  You probably know the rest of the story.  7-Up became one of the popular beverage drinks from then and up to now.


Is the Reward of Success Worth While?

The answer is based on your own personal opinion and perception.  We all have different views on this topic.  But if you allow me to give my side, I’d tell you that if you’re happy with who you are and what you have now, that’s great. There’s nothing you should change for you probably don’t need the results of further success.

But if it’s the opposite, maybe, just maybe, you have to think and evaluate what more you can do to change it.  And once you say “yes, there’s a need for a change and success”; remember the 7-up Story along your journey.


  1. Chukwukashadi Enwere says:

    Wow what a wonderful one…in everything in life we must learn to away forge ahead………..just like the 7up story,it was remaining just a step to reach dere (goal) but they were discourage and dey sold it out to company B,and with just a step they made IT

  2. Joseph Nketia says:

    lam inspired this morning when l read the Challenges and failures in the life of the Manager of 7up company. l have to encourage myself for what I want to do in life

  3. Hi Joseph, thank you for your comment. We’re glad to hear the article has inspired you. 🙂

  4. Hi Chukwukashadi Enwere, thank you for your comment. I agree, keep moving forward to your dreams no matter how many obstacle there will be in your way. 🙂

  5. This story just gave me a sharp push. I am so inspired, and blessed. Thank you very much

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