You only live once, if you live it well, once is enough.

Lifetofullest.com  is about achieving work and life balance.

I’m Maria Lourdes Macabasco Yanuaria. Most call me “Lou”. I’m a Certified Public Accountant from the Philippines. Together with my partner, we built and run MPM Consulting Services, an Business Outsourcing and Accounting Firm in the Philippines.

Being an Accountant is my profession, but Lifetofullest.com is my passion and mission. In Lifetofullest.com, I continuously learn and share how to achieve a well-lived life by knowing how to balance work and life.

It is our mission to learn and share how to achieve balance and well lived life in this complex world.

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Brief History

Lifetofullest.com was founded in 2009. Originally, I created it to write down my thoughts on my personal life realizations and lessons on how to live a well-lived life. So the concept of “Living life to the fullest” was initiated.

Now years after Lifetofullest.com was founded, I share my article to help you find and achieve balance in your work and life.  It is my belief that you can only live life to the fullest if you have learned how to achieve balance with your work and your life. Work represents our means to make a living or earnings, while life represents our personal fulfilment and well-being.

My hope is that with Lifetofullest.com, you may find and achieve your own work and life balance.


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