Adapting to Change

The wise adapt themselves to circumstances, as water molds itself to the pitcher – Chinese Proverb

The ability to adapt into a particular environment, circumstance or change, whether it’s positive or negative, is probably one of the great attitude of people who are able to live their life to the fullest.

To adapt means to make fit in, to adjust, to reconcile, or to make suitable in a given situation or scenario.

For many of us, we insist with things like “it should be” or “must be” rather than accept things as it is. And as we continue to resist instead of adapting to circumstances or environment, it raises our stress, disappointment, lack of fulfillment and misery.

One of the changes I made in my attitude that made my life much easier was to be more adaptable into circumstances. A weakness I identified with my personality was being too perfectionist or idealist. I tend to set too high standard on many things, both in my personal and professional life. Additionally, I’m too organized with almost everything. I prefer things to be in order, and as such, I want or expect things to work according to what I wanted and planned. And if it doesn’t, I get stressed out, negative and depressed. Oftentimes, I insist and persist to what I want that leads me to create much greater problem, such as committing mistakes or broken relationships.

Fortunately, by putting my interest and investing my time in personal development, I realized weaknesses in my attitude which blocks my own happiness, productivity, success and healthy relationships. My lack of ability to adapt to circumstances was one to blame.

Three Benefits of Adapting

1. Open to Opportunity

Being perfectionist and keen to detail was my greatest asset as a Professional Accountant. But it became a burden as an entrepreneur and in my personal life. As such, I realized that when you are too idealist or perfectionist you tend to become closed-minded. You become too hard to deal with because you are not open to listen to other’s way of thinking. As a result, you missed to grab other great opportunities by sticking and closing your mindset into your ideals.

When you are not able to adapt, it’s hard for you to cope with unendear circumstance. You tend to react, stress and be negative when things don’t work according to your ideals or what you want. But if you know how to adapt, you are more open to other people’s opinion and ideas. In fact, you even observe and copy great ideas from other people. And as you do this, you become more open to better opportunities, both in your personal and professional life.

2. Increased Learning

Another benefit of being adaptable is increased learning. By being adaptable and acceptable to things outside your ideals and beliefs, you are able to expose yourself into different things. By doing so, you extend yourself into different things which makes you learn more. And when you know more, a higher chance that you will be able to explore and find where you can live your life to the fullest.

3. Survive in Anything

I’m fond of watching documentary in History Channel or National Geographic, especially when they talk about the earth and its years of existence. An interesting topic I was able to watch was about the evolution of the living things, or species, which resided Earth through million years. It mentioned that most species got extinct because of their inability to adapt. However, there are few species which survived their class up until now.

Upon watching the said documentary, I realized it was applicable to humans too. Whether it’s at home, work, school or community, if you don’t know how to adapt, eventually you will find it hard to live. Those who survive in anything know how to adapt. While those who don’t end up miserable, unhappy and dead.

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. ~ Stephen Hawking

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