How To Turn Anxiety To Happiness

In the past, I’ve used to be a very busy person but there came a time I went to a state where I just take things as it is. It happened after when what I’ve focused on have burned out and left with nothing but ashes.  And that event started my journey to live life to fullest and be happy, regardless.

What’s it about the old me? Just one word, “anxious”. What am I anxious for? Almost everything! I’m not having a total disorder but when it comes to dealing with seriousness, I tend to get really anxious. Well, that’s how I’ve been, since I started getting serious thinking ’bout my career, ’bout my life, ’bout my future. I can’t blame myself for it cause that’s what you get when you were raised to be in a TOO serious environment, I’m talking ’bout school, love, family and career pressure.

When a thing I don’t want to happen happened, initial reaction was all negative.  That includes anger, hurt, losing self-esteem and so on. However, eventually, as I go through the process of healing and learning to get back, I realized how glad I am that it happened. ‘Cause it opened me to a different state and perspective. An emotional state, wherein, I feel happy despite all the anxiety dancing around me. There were times that some people around annoys me, workloads made me look haggard, zits populating themselves out of my face, darker eye bags, bills that needed to pay-off, and lastly, loneliness and depression attacks.  These things, that if my “old self” will handle it, probably, I’d need a stress tablet or pills to get me going. However, now, I’m just too happy that I can’t help not to be amazed for it feels weird and different.  Nevertheless, I’m just human, these things annoy and worry me when they hit, but that’s it, they just pass, and I wouldn’t care anymore.

Although I’m in a state where most unrestful people call as “steady”, I still don’t stop dreaming for bigger and better things….Like having my car, buying a bigger house for my family, touring the world, and all the other material things that people would love to have in this life if they’d be given a chance. Even so, the difference is I’m not anxious ’bout it anymore.  For I know I’ll do the best I can to achieve them.  And if it comes, it comes, if it doesn’t, well, it’ll be a bad feeling, but for sure, I’ll dust off to stand up and move again.

Now I understand why people kept on complaining because they’re anxious with their own lives, and worse, of themselves.

Just a piece of advice, try to let the anxiety out of you, swear, you’d be surprised that you’d stop complaining and understand this “steady” state I’m talking about.

And to help you do that, remember that you always have two choices:

Be proactive or reactive. You can either be a victim or a victor. Choose your attitude, choose the positive!

Make this your day to day commitment:

Stop complaining and start being grateful!

“Happiness despite hardship, despite annoyance, despite heartaches and loneliness…. I may not have the best of everything, but I have what others do not have, and that’s my Happiness!  – Lou Macabasco”


  1. Anxiety disorder is a blanket term covering several different forms of abnormal and pathological fear

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    Nice post i learned a lot from it….

  3. I believe I first chanced on your blog via a link on Twitter.. I really like the stuff I have read on your blog and want to keep reading when I find more time. Do you’ve a Twitter account?

  4. thanks for your comment. yes we do have a twitter account. you can follow us by clicking the twitter button at the right-bottom part of our page. 🙂

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