Are You Spending, Surviving or Living Life?

Most of us goes into the cycle of life with the same scenarios and stages. It’s likely that you fall into one of these Three (3) Types of Life Cycle I would like to illustrate:

Spending It All Now

I’m guessing that 50% of our population falls into this type. Those who live life like there is no tomorrow. Oftentimes, they only think of things that can satisfy their desires today, without thinking and saving for tomorrow. Those who spend everything today ends up with so many problem and misery in the future.

Take for an instance:

Spenders who work to earn money then spend their whole salary worth (even beyond) during pay days.

Those who spend life without thinking about future rainy days are faced with future problems such as financial incapacity, ill-health, broken relationships and losing personal value or direction. Because they didn’t save and prepare for tomorrow’s rainy days, in the future, they always ends up flooded with anxieties of their past choices and actions.

Surviving Life to Retirement

My bet is that 30% of our population falls into this type.

These are the opposite of the Spenders. Most of their time today is spent solely to prepare for tomorrow’s dream or rainy days. They delay living and enjoying today’s blessings in order to achieve the fullest of abundance tomorrow.

Take for an instance:
Survivor who uses all his or her time working on business or career progression.

Those who live to survive achieve success but ends up worn out in so many things in their life. Most of the time, they lack time to enjoy the fruits of their sacrifices and hard work. Because when they finally have time and money to enjoy life, they are too old to do it.

Living Life with Balance

I’d like to conclude that only 20% of the people falls into this type. Have you ever heard of the 80/20 Principle or also known as Pareto Principle? It’s a principle that says ‘80% of life’s opportunities and wealth are enjoyed by only 20% of the population’

Take this scenario:
Balanced Life Seeker who works because he wants to, not because he needs to. And who spends money because he can, not because he has credit cards.

Those who live a balanced life often ends up enjoying life to the fullest. They have achieved self-mastery and have understood the principles behind success and happiness. They have known to take opportunities at hand and planned for the future without sacrificing both of their time and money. Only few achieves it because only few takes time to understand and apply balance in their life.

For a final note, Take time to reflect about this:

If you don’t like the things that’s going on in your life now, change it so it can open new and better things in your life.


  1. any advice on how to achieve option 3 “Living Life with Balance”

  2. Hi RF,

    You may read these articles that tackles how you can achieve balanced life:

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    Thank You!

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