How to Avoid Being Perfectionist?

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Do you often find yourself feeling negative and critical about other people?

Are you constantly criticizing, condemning and complaining about how wrong and inappropriate the decisions and actions of others?

It is part of our human nature to pursue perfection, and as such, we tend to pick on someone else’s shortcomings while we can’t accept our own.

At times, I am guilty of this attribute.  But I’ve came to a point I’ve learned two very important wisdom and lessons I always try to remember whenever I feel bad about somebody’s actions.  And such lessons are what I want to share with you in this article.

1. What we dislike about other people is often a reflection of what we don’t like about ourselves

I use this phrase as a reminder whenever I feel critical and negative about other people’s actions.  Because when you are aware that what you dislike about other is a reflection of who you are, it gives you second thought on how will you react or respond on somebody’s behavior.  It shifts your negative thoughts and feelings to a more proactive and positive response.  Furthermore, when you are proactive in your response, it shifts your attention and mood out of the negative behavior of others.  It lets you focus and move on in other more important things.

2. You can’t pick on somebody else’s nose but you can pick on your own nose

This maybe a bit disgusting illustration but will you pick on somebody’s nose?  Especially the nose of the person that annoys you?  Of course not. You may even say, Never!!!  Let this be a reminder that whenever you feel like criticizing, condemning and complaining about other people’s behavior, you need to reflect on your own behavior.


It is more productive and accomplishing to continuously seek ways to improve you than to drown yourself in negative feelings on the actions of others.  You can’t control others actions, but you can control your own.


  1. Good article! Perfectionism is such a time waster and life is short. I ask myself what could I do if I wasn’t such a perfectionist and the answer for me is A HECK OF A LOT MORE.


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