5 Basic Health Tips

In our day to day life, we often become too busy and attached with our work, school or home responsibility that we forget to give time in taking care of our physical health or body.

Health is wealth.  Oftentimes, we hear that saying yet we ignore it because our career, study or success is more important to us.

“The first health is wealth.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our career, study, success and money are all important because without studying we can’t find work.  If we won’t work or earn money we can’t sustain our daily needs like food, shelter, clothes, water, etc. And without having these basic needs, we can’t maintain a good health.  However, keep in mind that without good health, we can’t also do our daily activities well.  We won’t be able to work or study if we are sick, right?  That’s why it’s important that we balance in giving time and priority of our health, together with all the other wealth in our life.

I am not a health expert or enthusiast.  In fact, I’ve used to be one of those who sacrifices health in exchange for work or career.  I’ve experienced working over long hours and depriving myself of enough sleep or rest, as well as, skipping meals.

However, a turning point happened in my life which taught me the importance of good health.  It was after experiencing a lot of physical and emotional complications brought about my unhealthy habits and lifestyle.  Some of these health problems included malnourishment, acne turned keloid scar, hormonal imbalance, mood swing, stress, and low blood.  If I didn’t stopped my unhealthy lifestyle and least prioritizing my health, probably when I’m already in my 30’s, I’ll have more complications or illnesses than I have now.

By experiencing the side effects of not prioritizing one’s health, it showed me the importance of taking good care my health.  Now I truly understand that health is indeed our first wealth.  For without it, we won’t be able to enjoy all the other wealth we have in our life.

How about you, do you give importance to your health?  Or are you one of those who value health the least?

In my journey to redeeming back a good health, here are some of the basic health tips I’ve learned and applied.  The tips listed here are really easy and common, which I’m sure you’ve already heard these before; you just tend to forget them.  All these basic tips take a little change in your daily activities and habits.

I’ve personally started following these basic health tips and I’ve seen obvious results, such as gaining the right weight, acne-free skin, stable hormones with less or no mood swings, less fatigue and more energy.

I’ve proven you don’t need too much expensive fitness classes to stay fit and healthy.  It’s a matter of having the right daily healthy habits.

So without further do, here are the 5 Basic Health Tips you can start to follow:

1. Do 10 to 30 minutes walking

The first basic health tips and habits you can start to apply in your day to day activity is walking at least 10 minutes a day.  Many of us neglect the importance of walking because we are always in a rush going to work or school.  Also, often we choose the convenient way by using transportation such as cars, buses, trains, elevators, escalators, etc.

If you are ready to start the healthy habit of walking, the best time to do it is early in the morning or late in the afternoon.  Walking in the morning can give you vitamin D coming from the sun, on the other hand, walking in the afternoon helps in having a good night sleep.

The other important long-term benefits of walking are reduced risk of diabetes, heart disease, obesity and high blood pressure.  Also, it reduces the risk of osteoporosis and arthritis by improving our muscles and bones.

2. Get 6 to 8 hours sleep

The second basic health tip and habit you can follow is to ensure you get at least 6 hours sleep in a day or 24 hours.  Sleep deprivation is common to most people.  Often, it is attributable to mental and physical reasons such worry or anxiety, studying for exams, or meeting deadlines.  Lack of sleep once in a while is not bad to our health; however, if it becomes a habit, only then you need to take remedial action.

The benefits of completing 6 hours sleep includes more energy and alertness, enhances memory and makes you smarter, improves blood circulation which prevents heart diseases, increases melatonin, a hormone that protects breast and colon cancer, and it reduces stress and fatigue.

3. Drink at least 8 glass of water

The third basic health tip and habit is drinking lots of water, at least 8 glasses a day.  One of the obvious results I’ve had in drinking lots of water was better and improved skin.  As a result, I’ve looked more vibrant and glowing.

Other important health benefit of drinking water are it cleanses our body and it keeps the body temperature, it removes toxins from our body, it burn fats and develops muscles, and it keeps us away from infections or diseases.

4. Eat balanced diet meal

The fourth basic health tip and habit is keeping a balanced diet meal.  It’s time to go back to the basic food pyramid and follow it.  To meet the daily need of our body, to keep it energized and healthy, make sure you eat and take enough protein, calcium, iron and fiber.

The benefit of eating balanced diet is it eliminates the risks of diseases such cancer, diabetes, heart problems, etc., as well as it sustains our energy to keep us moving to our daily activities.

5. Keep a positive outlook

The fifth basic health tip and habit is maintaining a positive mindset.  Negative thinking is a killer of progress and happiness.  If I may add, it also affects our overall health. Have you noticed that when you think and feel negative, you can’t think and act well? You find it hard to sleep at night, you lack appetite to eat (or you eat too much), and you start to have illnesses such as headaches, fatigue, heart disease, high blood pressure, etc.

The benefit of keeping a positive outlook helps in living a healthy life, not only mentally and emotionally, but as well as physically. Being positive gives you more enthusiasm in doing your daily activities, it starts there and everything else follows.

I hope this article has been inspiring and motivating for you.  It will be much appreciated if you can leave a comment or share this article to your friends and family, using the social media share buttons below this article.

For a final note, take time to ponder on this phrase:

“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” – Buddha

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