4 Benefits of Being Single

I know a lot of people who still want to find “Mr. Right” or “Ms. Right”.  A person they can spend their “Sweet Moments” and “Forever” with.  And if you happen to be one of those searching for Mr. or Ms. Right, let me tell you an advice:

It is best to be single!

It may be too ironic for me to say this because I’m happily married.  I want to inspire those who are heartbroken or lonely because their alone and single.  In this article, I’ll explain why it is best to be single by stating the four benefits of being single.

1.  Time to Search and Find the “Right” Person

I’ve been in two relationships, one left me brokenhearted and the other made me the happiest wife.  At one point in my life, I’ve believed that the first person I’ve loved was the right person until I’ve found love again.  In my second relationship, I’ve realized the real meaning of “right person”, and it’s not only about the superficial aspect, like he’s gorgeous, kind, nice and smart.  Instead, it’s about compatibility in your interest and mindset, commitment, understanding, trust and friendship.

This is why it’s best to be single if you haven’t found somebody who can complement you beyond the superficial aspect of life.  It’s not only about looking good together, it’s about feeling and thinking good together. 

The benefit of being single now is you still have time to search and find somebody who can complement you emotionally, mentally and physically.

Let me remind you that it’s best to be single than investing your time and emotion to somebody who doesn’t complement you. Not only your emotion will be tired, but your time to search and find Mr. Right will be wasted.

2.  Freedom to Do Things, Discover and Enjoy Life for Yourself

The moment that created huge positive changes in my life is when I’ve got my heart broken.  After the pain and crying times, I felt like I was reborn again with more freedom on hand.  At one point, I’ve even packed my things, rode the bus and traveled alone out of town with no itinerary.  I did that just to be spontaneous and enjoy life where it will take me.  Thankfully, that one moment is considered a memorable learning experience in my life.

When you are in a relationship, you can’t avoid not considering your partner in the things that you do and things you want to discover or enjoy in life.  And if it happens that your partner is closed-minded and hard to please, it doubles the restriction in your freedom.  That’s why it’s best to be single so you can have the freedom to do, discover and enjoy life for yourself rather than sticking with somebody who will restrict you from discovering and enjoying life.

The benefit of being single is you do not have to worry about your actions and choices in life.  You can try new things then fail, yet no one is affected or blames you.

3.  Time to Improve Your Attitudes and Habits

The common fall of most people is entering a relationship with not having established good attitudes and habits.  This is why the relationship ends up being too hard to handle.

I’m guilty of this myself because when I’ve first entered a relationship, I was 17, too young and immature.  Despite the five long-years that such relationship lasted, I knew I wasn’t at my best.  And I’m not surprised why it ended because I knew I had some bad attitudes and habits I needed to improve at.

In my second relationship, I was more mature and have established good habits.  Which is why I felt that the second was easier to handle.  There are even events in our relationship that I can say are extraordinary, especially how we were able to achieve our dreams and wants together.

This is why it’s best to be single if you haven’t formed and improved good attitudes and habits.  If you still find yourself easily irritated, impatient, hard to please, uncertain and arguable, these are attitudes that often cause conflicts in a relationship.  On the other hand, if you are lazy, undisciplined, gullible, and irresponsible and have no goals in life, these are habits that also lead to poor relationship.

The benefit of being single is you can take your time to improve those attitudes and habits before you spend time looking for a partner and enter a relationship.  Because I’ve seen and proved how difficult it is to be in a relationship where your partner or both of you are still not emotionally and mentally matured in life.

4.  More Time Spent With Other Important People in Your Life

One of the common challenges we face when we get into a relationship is our time spent.  Relationship requires and involves time.  When two people care for each other, they spend most of their time together, and quiet often, it leads the couple into secluding themselves from other people in their life.

It’s best to be single now because you can have spare time to spend with your friends, family and other significant people in your life.  Make use of this moment as a chance to make lasting memories with your friends and family.  Remember, you have a lifetime to spend with your future partner in life.  Don’t miss the chance to enjoy this few years that you are single.

For a final note, remember that

“Being single is an opportunity to know yourself, discover your purpose, improve the aspect of your life, and make a lot of good memories with people.  It’s better to be single and happy rather than be trapped in an unhealthy relationship.” by Lou Macabasco – Yanuaria


  1. that’s an awesome article lou, can relate with each and every word of it….keep sharing…..

  2. I been 11 years single.
    When I came to America I made the mistake of thinking that Women giving away them selvs willingly no fears, no questions asked.
    Pop Cu;ture, you know.
    The realety is that you are all taken,engage on some form of relation ship in some way or another.
    But, I am still searching.

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