5 Benefits of Keeping a Journal

Do you still remember the days you were keeping a paper notebook and just writing your thoughts down?  10 years back in time, computers and internet connections were a privilege that only “blessed” (rich) people are able to enjoy.  But now, 10 years backward, computers and internet have evolved so fast that anybody who have experienced one, can’t imagine a life without it.  Thus, it made keeping a journal and writing your thoughts down became an ancient history that’s forgotten by many.

At present, most people are now writing their thoughts and blurting out their emotions with the view of the whole world.   It is shared through social medias, like Twitter or Facebook.  You can see someone’s emotions by just looking at their wall post in these social medias.  Quiet often, these burst of emotions has two (2) effects: a good and bad.

The good part is that quiet often, when you post lots  of fun and positive emotions in your social media profile, other people who sees it are very much inspired and motivated by you.  But on the other hand, the bad part is that it is so easy to write things you’ll eventually regret you’ve written.  And you can no longer redeem it because a lot of people have already read and seen your post.

This is why I still highly encourage the use of Journals or commonly known as “Diaries”.  Well, it’s not necessary that you buy a paper notebook and a pen, it can be the “Notepad” or “Word Processing” application installed in your PC. (if you’re using MAC, find an application with the same use as word processing).  Here are the whys and benefits of keeping a journal:

1) You Have a Best Friend Who Listens Anytime and Anywhere

We may realize it or not, quiet often, people get tired of us when we endlessly keep on talking about our own life.  Now, more than ever, most people don’t care about things going on in other people’s life.  They only care of what’s going on with their own lives.

A journal, on the other hand, only cares about what you write and your life.  As such, you can endlessly share your thoughts and feelings out, yet, it will never get tired of listening to you.  Quiet often, during your darkest moments, journals are always ready to listen compared to your own best friend.

2) You Can Blurt Out Your Feelings Without Being Judged

I’m sure most of you can relate to this, during your down moments you talk to people and blurt out things you wish you’ve never have said in the first place.  And quiet often, these words leaves broken relationships that cannot be redeemed.

But with a journal, you can say the nastiest words and be assured that it won’t bounced back to you.  Thus, it helped you in two (2) ways:

  • Eliminate the burdens of negative emotions within you; and
  • Saved you from hurting others that can break tie or relationship.

3) You’re  Sure it Doesn’t Forget What You’ve Shared

I’ve quiet often noticed this, whenever I share something to other people, they easily forget it.  But I was able to realize the reason for it, because our world became so cluttered that a lot of people are trapped by their own busy world.   A lot of times, they no longer have time for themselves, how much more can they spare time listening and remembering your stories.

With a journal, it will only not listen, but it will remember what you’ve said even years, decades, century or millennium from now, as long as you’re making sure to keep your journal intact.  You’ve already forgotten what you’ve said, but the journal will never forget it.

4) You’re Assured it Won’t Spill it to Others

Have you ever experienced telling somebody your feelings, thinking you can trust that person, but suddenly, somebody approaches you and spills the juices you’ve trustfully shared to your friend?  Well, don’t be mad right now, this is normal.  And I’m sure you’re not the only human being who’ve experienced it.  It is human nature to feel important and be valued whenever they have the first hand information to share with other people who doesn’t know.  So forgive your friend and just take the lesson in the future.

So whenever you have hard feelings or great secrets to tell, take time to run first to your journal.  Write your thoughts and feelings out, leave it for a day or two, then come back and read it afterwards.  It will not only saved you from future humiliation or regret, but also can make you analyze things on your own without being influenced by other’s opinion.

5) You’re Helping in Creating a Better World to Live In

Attitude is contagious.  As well as talking negative emotions is as contagious.  Take for an instance whenever somebody shares negative stories with you.  Even if how positive you currently feel before hand, once you hear the negative story, you start to feel and become negative as well.

What I love about journals is that you can share even negative thoughts without causing anything you’d regret in the future.  That’s because telling your negative emotions to your journal, instead of other people, eliminates spreading negative things to others.


The first step in changing the status of your life is through changing your attitude.


  1. I really like this post. It’s so true, because I used to write things on a journal and it actually helps. I read it after four years or so, and realized how different I was compared to today. I’ve gotten better with a lot of things, though I think I should start writing on my journal again, because this time it’ll all be positive thoughts.

    Thanks friend for sharing 🙂

    keep it up.

  2. Hi friend! Nice to hear that you write journals too. I love writing journals eversince and it helps alot in life and self realizations on things. Hope you will start writing again too! Thanks for reading and giving feedback! 🙂

  3. Tracey says:

    I completely agree with this post, i’m 15 and i’ve been keeping a notebook for a little over a year now..most of my friends don’t keep diaries, well i don’t think so..but not only is it good for future years to come,and to see how much you’ve changed but it’s really keeping a record or your life. Just imagine this, when we leave this world we won’t be able to share our thoughts, but if you have all these notebooks people that would normally talk to you will be able to read all of you inner-most thoughts as if you are still here. I know i’m only 15 but i’m not going to stay this age forever. I’m being aware of my future and i’m really trying to capture who i am today as opposed to who i’ll be tomorrow!

  4. Hi Tracey! Thanks for leaving a comment. I’m really amazed to see a 15-year old girl that is already so mature in life. I agree, it’s better to be read while you are still alive rather than waiting until you are dead before you inspire and motivate others thru your words and actions. I’m happy to have you as a reader. Keep writing the story of your life, i’m sure many people will be inspired. Regards,

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