How to Bring More Into Your Life?

Although quiet unexplainable, but seems like the world is originally made of balance state in order to maintain peace, harmony, abundance and happiness. But as humans, we have created a world of stress and chaos through our own unstable habits and thought process, such as lack of drive and discipline, fear, doubt, selfishness, greed, envy, etc…

But in my quest and learning’s into life’s universal principles, I’ve came to realized the ways on how to bring more things in your life despite all the stressful and negative circumstances that life brings.  I’ve created an eBook entitled, ‘Life Begins @ 21: 21 Days to Begin a Good Life’ to share and discuss all those principles and learning’s.

One of those ways, I’d like to share with you in this article is the Value of Giving.  There’s an old saying that I always believe in,

‘The more is given, the more is received’

Every day, people work hard to sustain their needs in life.  We are even able to sustain even most of our wants.  But what we don’t often get to sustain is inner peace and fulfillment in life.  Often, we are caught in misery of lacking purpose and meaning with our life.  We always feel like what we have isn’t enough to keep us happy and motivated in life.

I’ve met so many people in almost all status of life, from really poor to poor, rich to really rich, as well as, average and normal class of people.  And one thing I’ve observed is how they live their life.  I met those who are contented just to live and survive each day, and there are those are hungry for success, power and prestige, while others just want to achieve a happy and live their wanted lifestyle. But seldom have you found people who seek for meaning and purpose in their life.  And most of those few purpose-seekers are able to create and bring a lot of meaningful things they want in their life.  How?

The Law of Reciprocity

‘This law states that when you give something of value, you’ll receive something of equivalent or greater value.’

This is a great difference between people who achieve and receive more things in life than those who don’t.  People who receive more often give a lot of value and meaning to other people’s life. For when you are open to give it creates more space in your life to receive.

The best illustration is a bottle filled with water.  When the bottle is already full of water, you can no longer put more unless you take out some of the waters inside.  That’s similar to our life, if you want to bring more; you have to learn to take out and give more.

I’ve proven it so true because of how many great things comes into my life.  The more I give value on giving more, the more I am receiving so many blessings in life.

Some of these blessings include:

1) Great Opportunities in Life

My biggest motivation and inspiration in life includes my dreams, my family and my contribution to humanity.  Because I give value in living a life of purpose, I was able to achieve so many great opportunities in life at a very young age.  And I will always keep that in mind in the later years, that when your motivation to give is deep and strong, it fuels you to achieve and receive more opportunities to live the good life.

2) Gain Respect and Build Great Relationships with People

I’ve noticed that when you give value to people, they will give you the same value.  And it’s true for the opposite. I’ve proven it by the way I deal with people in all walks of life.  I remember that my fiancé even told me how he have noticed the value I give on people.  He said that I even call the utility men and guards as ‘sir’ when most people just treat them as servants and disrespect them.  I do this because I believe that everyone should be treated fairly with respect. And instead of using people for my benefit, I think of what I can give to people. The more I practice giving respect and value to people, the more I receive the same respect, value and great relationship with people around me.

There are more other blessings I’ve received because of the value I put in giving. But these two are the most important example.

How about you? Do you want more things in your life? How much are you willing to give?

Want to learn more on how to bring more into your life?

Everyday, always create a new and better version of yourself. –Lou Macabasco, Author of

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