4 Change Barriers You Need To Eliminate

The only constant thing in life is CHANGE.

I keep on repeating this statement because I see a lot of people often neglect that life is constantly changing.

Each day is a new beginning and a new life experiences.  On the other hand, each night is the close of a new chapter in your life that entails you to rest and prepare for another new chapter when you wake up tomorrow.  Sadly though, majority of us wake up and end each day doing the same old routine we’ve been doing the couple of years.

Isn’t ironic that we constantly become bored or stressed with our day to day “normal” life activities but we do not want to change, we resist it and condemn those people who initiate change?

Previously, I’ve wrote a blog review and summary of about a book entitled “Who Moved My Cheese?” This book is so far the best reference in understanding CHANGE.  It’s a fable that story-tell the principles of change and how an individual can best handle change.  You may read the synopsis of the book here, “Who Moved My Cheese?”.

After knowing how to understand and handle change, this post will tackle the barriers of change that’s stopping you to accept and move forward.  By knowing the barriers of change, you can begin to eliminate them one by one, so you can become more open and flexible in embracing change.

1) Lack Of Faith

Faith is being able to see the unseen.  Lack of faith creates big gap between those who can adapt to change against to those who cannot.  Lack of faith creates fear, either fear of the unknown or fear of achieving better things, of which can lead to mediocrity.

Most of the time, when faced with change, our thoughts are filled with negative things that we will encounter upon change.  Instead of looking at the brighter side of change, we only think of the negative impacts that change will create in our current comfort zone.

But if you want to adapt or create a change in your life, you have to first believe and have faith that change can bring much better effect in your life.

2) Waiting For The “Right” Time

Despite knowing that there is a need for change, people seldom act upon it because they’re always waiting for the “right” time and use the same old excuse of “not now, maybe someday”.

What I’ve learned about “someday” is that it always become some day, it never happens.

Successful people knows that opportunity are rare but powerful.  If you were able to grab opportunity, most of the time it multiplies and great things happen.  But if you don’t, it may become too long before it knocks on your door again.

Have you realized the reason why opportunity seldom knocks in your door?

If you already recognized that there’s a need for change, stop waiting and start acting.  Remember that someday never comes and the “right” time is always today.

3) Expecting 100% Risk-Free

People become depressed and miserable because their expecting a perfect life in an imperfect world.

Don’t expect things to be 100% risk-free, there will always be risk in anything you choose to do.  Especially in our days now where uncertainty is fast increasing.  Stability and security is more rare now than ever.

When will you accept that life is imperfect and it will never be perfect?

The time you’ll be able to accept life’s imperfection, that’s the only time you will be able to live and adapt happily to life’s changes and circumstances.

The more you can adapt to change, despite the risk, the more you can explore and find a better opportunity outside the life you have now.

4) Asking Permission Before Taking Action

In school, in the community, at work and at home, being obedient and compliant is an attitude that is well admired by most people.  But then again, it might depend on the cultural differences.  In our country per se, when you are obedient and compliant, the more people will like and admire you.

But as I grow up and take control of my life, I’ve learned that being obedient and compliant isn’t all that good.  Especially if it restricts a person to become the person he/she chose to become.

Most of us fails to remember that “you are in control of your life”.  From the day you were able to determine what’s good and bad for you, that’s the day you were given the choice and control in your life.

Stop depending your life on other people’s decision.  It is your life, you should be able to decide and act upon it.  You may need other’s opinion at some point, but still, the final decision and action should be of your own choice.  Again, it’s your life.

Unless you know how to take control of your life and your decisions, you won’t be able to easily adapt to changes and find your personal purpose in life.

Additional Reference:

Change is the hardest situation one is faced.  Indeed, it is easier to go back to your comfort zone rather than face the unknown.

If you want to embrace change, learn the 5 stages of change you will be faced upon entering a new chapter in your life.  You can learn it here, “5 Stages of Change”.


“Don’t resist change, instead embrace the new ride that change will bring into your life. Happy Journey to Your Life!!!”

(Note: Image attached is a photo taken by a personal friend, Lyn Calara.  Visit her works @ http://rcalara.blogspot.com/)


  1. Enjoyed this article immensely and have prromted it a couple places. thanks, Lou.

  2. Erwin Valencia Macasaya says:

    Nice article Lou! Enjoyed reading this one, and had a grasp of your insights.

  3. Thanks Erwin for your feedback. Glad this article have been useful to you. 🙂

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