7 Reasons Why Comfort Zone is Dangerous

When somebody approaches me and ask me this question,

“How can I acquire what I want and succeed in life?”

I answer back,

“Do something out of your normal routine and start thinking outside the box.”

In order to achieve the success that you want, it does not matter how smart and hard working you are, what matter is how willing you are to think and act outside the normal comfort zone. This is why Apple changed the game in computer technology, Manny Pacquiao became the world’s greatest boxer and Mark Zuckerberg became the youngest billionaire by creating Facebook.

In situations where I talk to somebody who wants to create change and success in their life but aren’t willing to be outside their comfort zone, I remember what Albert Einstein have said,

Insanity is doing the same things over and over again, expecting different results.

Most people who have achieved their goals in life and are successful in what they do, had gone through situations where they’ve risked themselves and be out of their comfort zone. Because you cannot change your circumstance by doing the same things, you have to think and act outside your normal routine in order to achieve different result.

The same is true for my own success story. For almost a year now, I’ve been living and experiencing a life that I’ve used to just dream of. Like driving my own car, managing my own business, conducting public seminars, publishing my own book, inspiring and motivating thousands of people worldwide, more time in my hand to focus doing things that I want to do, great relationships with people and having the capacity to buy things that I want. All these things used to be a dream and a goal that felt so far from my reality. But it all turned to reality because of one attitude I kept in those days, and that is my willingness to be out of my comfort zone.

There are many instances where I see acquaintance where a couple of years have passed yet nothing have changed in their life. They still do the same things and have the same life circumstance. In these instances, I have two feelings: happiness, because of the great and positive changes in my life in just a couple of years. On the other hand, I feel sadness for those people who haven’t achieve positive change and success in their life. Also, at this moment, I’ve proved how true that success and happiness is achieved once you dared to be out of your comfort zone.


Comfort Zone is defined as a situation where you feel completely secure, comfortable and relaxed to what you currently have. This is the state which highly successful people try their best to avoid. Because opposite to what common people believes that being in the comfort zone is safe, successful people on the other hand knows how dangerous it is when you are in your comfort zone. And in this article, you will know why.


1. Comfort Zone Blocks Growth

When you are in your comfort zone, it is but normal to feel contented and secured. These two behaviours often cause us to close our doors to change and progress. We fear the discomfort that change will bring in our life. Fearing change is like disapproving progress and growth. And as such, it leads us to becoming obsolete in an ever changing world. Or worse, we are burdened by the changes of our world.

2. Comfort Zone Drives You Down to Hardship

As mentioned, unwillingness to go out of your comfort zone blocks your potential progress and growth. As we know, life is constantly changing, and if you are not changing, you have no other way but to go down in life. Since progress is blocked, your life situation and status will either remain constantly normal or it will get harder. This is the reason why there are poor people who are suffering in life while successful people are enjoying the prosperity of life. The former just go through life under their comfort zone while the latter is constantly developing their life through constantly taking risk to think and act outside the box.

3. Comfort Zone Leads to Boredom and Discontentment

Inability to get out of comfort zone has chain negative effects. The first effect you will feel is the lack of progress in your life. Next, lack of progress gives a lot of spaces for hardship. When you experience hardship, then you will feel bored or discontented in your life. I guess now you understand why you constantly feel burdened by life. And I hope you can answer why. You are right, being comfortable is often the reason for discontentment, because you did not let progress come into your doors, as such, you’ve allowed yourself not to experience so many great things in life.

4. Comfort Zone Triggers Negative Mindset

The next chain effect of being too comfortable in life is idleness that which causes negative mindset and attitude. As I’ve observed, idle mind creates negative attitudes and circumstances. There’s even a saying that goes,

An idle mind is the devil’s play ground.

Because you feel discontented and you have more free time in your hands, you have a great tendency to create negative emotions and thoughts of negativity. This is why people who are hardened by life often become more hardened by life because of negative emotion and thoughts. They choose to be in their comfort zone yet they endlessly complain and react instead of being proactive and do something to change their life circumstance.

5. Comfort Zone Causes Lack of Drive and Purpose

Being in our comfort zone leads us to live life without purpose and drive. Because every day, we just do the normal things that we do and expect the same things we normally receive. As such, we don’t see anything special with our day or our life. Have you noticed why successful people are energetic and enthusiastic while unsuccessful people have sour face? Because one is focused and energize to move towards its goal and purpose while the other is unwilling to take risk and just endlessly complain to life hardship or expecting life to be the same.

6. Comfort Zone Leads to Missed Opportunity

Successful people achieve success because they are always in the look-out to grab opportunity at hand. On the other hand, unsuccessful people never achieve success because they wait for things to happen instead of creating it. When you are in your comfort zone, you are part of those who just wait for things to happen. Because unless you take risk and think outside the box, you cannot grab opportunity ahead of others. Being too comfortable causes you to be left behind.

7. Comfort Zone Limits Chance to Live Life to its Fullest

Personally, I’ve experienced a stage where I’ve taken risk and went out of my comfort zone. When I did it, I’ve encountered a lot of negative sayings and judgement. But that did not stop me to be out of my comfort zone and pursue my purpose. And to tell you honestly, the months after I’ve chose to let go of my comfort zone is the days where I felt I was really living my life to the fullest. It is the time when so many positive changes happened in my life and the moment when my dream turned into reality. Experiencing life to its fullest is the moment you are no longer fearful to be out of your comfort zone, you have drive to push through your life purpose and you experience abundance in both monetary and non-monetary aspects of life. Unless you go out of your comfort zone, you will not feel the real freedom and prosperity of life. You always have “What Ifs” for not having the courage to try.

For a final note, whenever you are faced to choose your comfort zone and be scared to take risk, remember this:

We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are. We can only change our life, if we are brave enough to be out of our comfort zone. Because the first step to change in your circumstances is a change from within you. – Lou Macabasco


  1. hi,

    i love your article on comfort zone. it really drives me to move on, carry on and grow more. comfort zone blocks growth. very true! thanks for the article. worth reading and worth my time.^_^

  2. Thank Millette, I’m glad to hear that this article has helped you in some ways. Keep expanding and growing out of your comfort zone! Regards, Lou

  3. nomthi shiba says:

    nice one 🙂 and thanks for sharing..

  4. Susan O. says:

    Thank you for the clear and simple ways to change yourself from within..I want reality, not comfort! Keep up the great job of “reality checker” for the rest of us..

  5. This is a really nice post!!
    Keep doing what you do! God bless you! 🙂

  6. Thank you for your feedback. Your continuous support keeps us motivated in spreading motivation and personal development.

  7. Thanks Lou:
    I appreciate your insights in relation to Comfort Zones
    I am from Chile South America

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  10. great, it’s very inspiring, I wanna get out of my dangerous comfort zone

  11. Vijay Kumar says:

    Its really inspirational , perfectly describing my situation of living in comfortable zone.

    I don’t know what I will do but I have decided to live life fullest & be out of my comfortable zone , In which I am living in last 19 Yrs.

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