Dave Ursillo: Attitudes of Successful People

In this week Attitudes of Successful People Blog Series, we will get to know the success attitudes of a person who also leads people to self-growth and personal development.

Dave Ursillo is a writer, dreamer and un-leader. He has learned his keys to success the hard way, based on learning from first-hand experience, including many failures! Dave’s personal development blog, DaveUrsillo.com, is enjoying rapid growth and new popularity in the last several weeks. Dave is multipublished in personal development and technology blogs, online magazines, and in the internationally best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul book series.


1.  Consistency / Patience

Consistency and patience are perhaps the most crucial attitudes toward achieving any success.

2. Perseverance / Determination

A determined mindset will help you persevere during difficulties and “down times” when you feel like giving up on your pursuits and goals. Remind yourself every day to push through the bumps and bruises on your path. Perseverance is what separates the successful from those who come up short and give up during tough times.

3. Compassion / Forgiveness

Compassion for others and forgiveness (of others and yourself) are critical — although often overlooked — on the path to success. If you’re not helping others during your pursuits, or if your goals won’t help people when they are achieved, are they really worth pursuing? Also, forgiveness is important because it frees you and others from the past. Many times, to get forward in life, we need to forgive and let go of the past.

4. Defiance / Fight

On the path to success, you will encounter harsh critics, naysayers, and pessimists. You will even encounter “haters” who hate the fact that you are you, that you’re proud of who you are, and that you’re pursuing your dreams. Don’t rationalize their hatred, and don’t spend too much time trying to understand why they say what they say. Instead, harness their criticism as a source of fight and defiance. Defy their hatred, and be only further empowered by love.

5. Openness / Innovation / Learning

Sometimes, you have very specific and detailed plans of action in order to achieve your very specific and detailed goals. What you’ll quickly learn is that an open attitude and willingness to change is crucial on the path to success. You cannot be rigid, stubborn, and unwilling to make modifications, changes and innovations on your path. Your goals may stay the same, but being open to learning new things and altering the way that you achieve those goals.

6. Confidence / Self-Reliance

You must have faith and confidence in yourself. If you don’t, there will be others who will, but they won’t last forever. You are your first, last and best line of defense. You need to own your uniqueness as a person, because no one on Earth is like you, and no one ever will be. You are a unique genetic blend of human being with living experiences that no one else has exactly shared. That makes you unlike anyone else. The more you get to know yourself, the more you will come to be able to rely upon yourself for confidence, strength, even happiness. 

7. Giving / Selflessness

When you are pursuing goals and dreams, you must remember to give your time, effort, and money to others. It’s easy to get caught up into only thinking about yourself and your goals. It’s easy to forget that there are many other people who are struggling with harder times than what you are dealing with. Remember to take time every day to give to others, even in small and quiet ways. Selflessness propels success.

A quote in Dave’s Profile:

Heretics are the new leaders. The ones who challenge the status quo, who get out in front of their tribes, who create movements. – Seth Godin

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