4 Dimensions of a Balanced Life

440911_handstand_girlBalance is, after all, the natural state of life.  If not all, almost everything is made in equal form.

Take for an instance the ecological balance of water, fire and wind, which composes the elements of our earth.  When one is imbalanced will surely create a catastrophe such as hurricane, wild fire and tornado.

Balance is important in our life.  However, most of the time, we only notice its importance when our life began to be off balance, such as when catastrophe happens or we feel loss and pain.  Only then we become aware of our own negligence.

This raises the question as to why it is that we don’t live our lives in a state of balance?

The answer may be because we are too preoccupied with a lot of things to do or just plainly unaware of what composes our life’s balance.

Life’s balance composes of Four (4) Dimensions:

  1. Physical – includes your physical body and health.
  2. Mental – includes your intelligence, mindset and growth as individual.
  3. Emotional – includes your feelings, maturity and relationships with other people.
  4. Spiritual – includes your faith, traditions, religions and beliefs.

“Everyone is a house with four rooms: Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Unless we go into every room every day, even if only to keep it aired, we are not a complete person.”

To be able to live a balanced life, the challenge for you is to visit and take part of each dimension in your day to day life.

It may mean taking an hour walk from your house to your workplace to take care (for your physical dimension), an eight hour spent doing your usual work or business activities (for your mental dimension), two hours spent eating dinner and watching television with your family (for your emotional dimension) and lastly, an hour of complete silence and prayer before you sleep (for your spiritual dimension).

Balanced life does not have to mean a total equality of the four dimensions.  It only requires you to spend time on each of the dimensions, in your day to day life, so as not to be abusive and over doing in only one area of your life.

Once you were able to live in all the dimensions of your life, it will surely give you completeness to attest that you are indeed living a balanced life, that is a life lived to its fullest.


  1. Hey Lou!!! 🙂

    really really liked this won.

    something about the first sentence tickled my soul 🙂

    balance really is a natural state in life but we get caught up in social conditioning ego muck and bam, no more balance.

    i think the gist of it is balance is when you’re living totally in ease.

    how much ease is there in your life right now? – one of my favourite questions to show myself how much tension we live in most of the time.

    really good point that a balanced life isn’t equal time in each area – and it’s also important to remember that they feed each other. Go for a run and your spirituality will be gently massaged 🙂

    inspiring stuff

    gave it a stumble

    keep on owning it 🙂
    all the best
    alex – unleashreality.com

    p.s. consider removing the adsense under the title of the post. also try make the title bigger and bolder 🙂 just a suggestion 🙂

  2. Hi there Alex! Thanks so much for your comments especially your suggestions. I find your comment really positive and i’m happy to see alot of people promoting balanced in life. . 🙂

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  4. Hi deborah, thanks for your comment. live life to the fullest is a blog on how to achieve a balance life without sacrificing our needs and our wants including personal goals in our life.. thus, you’d be expecting more articles on this topic in the future. 🙂

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