The Diminishing Worth of Humans

Once you stop learning, you start dying. – Albert Einstein

If you have observed, we now live in a time wherein human value is declining.  In fact, it is declining even more each passing year.   However, most people are not aware of their decreasing value.  You will notice it by observing how common people live a very complacent life.  They do the same thing every day and hope things will remain securely the same because they don’t like change.  And then when change happens or things don’t go according to what they want, they complain their hardship to other people, even pressuring the government or their employer to do something to lift their stature.

The diminishing worth of human is largely manifested by the huge technological and innovative advancement of our new information era.  Having these innovative and technological lift, life became much easier, faster, efficient and accurate.  These new inventions and advance technology conveniently do most task that a regular human does, but much more efficient and accurate.  By investing in these advance technology, most companies and businessmen saves a huge amount of money on salary expenses.  As such, they do mass lay off of employees and just retain only few valuable high performing staff.

Each year, more new advance technology are invented, which are made even better, faster and more affordable, these will further diminish the worth of human.  Imagine what will happen in few more years, when advance technologies like robots are made commercially available, while human population continues to grow.

Did you ever ponder about the following?

  • Why more and more people are getting unemployed?
  • Why the salary and benefit package of employers aren’t too pleasing like they’ve used to?
  • Why big companies are closing down?
  • Why companies kept on outsourcing their manpower?
  • Why many professionals are still poor and broke?
  • Why job security is no longer true?
  • Why most companies no longer provide retirement benefits for employees?
  • Why job responsibility and stress increases?
  • Why most of what you have learned in school can’t be applied in the real world?
  • And the list goes on…

For these questions, there is only one absolute answer and that’s: THE WORLD HAS CHANGED.

We are no longer in the “industrial” age, and we are now in the “information” age.  And as such, traditional ways of doing things won’t work as good as it used to.  If you insist on not changing and continue doing the traditional ways, expect to encounter physical, financial and emotional problems, such as lack of progress, financial instability and stress.  If you won’t change, you will become one of the victims who blindly expect things to be easier and crying for things to be the same as they’ve used to.

Majority of people see this new innovation and technological advancement as something to entertain them, which is why Social Medias and video streaming are really popular.   They use new technology as a way to escape the real problem instead of looking at it as an opportunity to grow and learn ways to improve their life situation.  And as they continue to shield the real problem, the more they become victim of this changing world.

Innovation and technology is fast changing.   What you know right now will be obsolete the next couple of months.  Yet, despite this rapid change, it’s alarming to say that 

“Most people stop learning and growing themselves after they’ve graduated college”.

Majority become too complacent after graduating college, they stop learning.  They think having Bachelor’s Degree, or even Master’s Degree, is already enough to get ahead in the real world. And yet, despite having all the diplomas and licenses, many are still trap with lack of progress and financial crisis.

Being a full-time entrepreneur, I had the privilege of time to do things other than just sitting in the office desk the whole day, and I’ve used such privilege to go out and observe.  I was able to see and deal with different kinds of people:  from street vendors, car mechanics, jobless bum, unpleasant or haggard corporate professional, up to business owners and investors.  And in my observation of different types of people, I’ve came to categorized them in to 4 Types:

  1. The Hard-Worker
  2. The Lazy Boy
  3. The Poor Master
  4. The Wealthy Jack-Of-All-Trade

The Hard-Worker

Majority of the working class falls into this category.  They work 8 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week, doing the routine job they’ve been doing for the past couple of years or even decades.  They are tasked to do the difficult, high risk, dirty, heavy, rank and file work, and yet, they take home the lowest salary.

I have two different sentiments for these people, and that’s respect and pity.  I respect them for doing the job with best effort. However, I also feel sorry for them because they are the most affected on the diminishing worth of humans.

Even if they give their best in doing the job, such job position is the easiest to outsource or replace.  The value of what they do, even how much quality they give into it, has low worth.  However, they can’t do anything but accept the reality because it’s better to have a job than be replaced.

If a person who falls into this category doesn’t change and do something to learn new ways of doing things, he or she will continue to suffer even more in the next coming years.

The Lazy Boy

These are people who do nothing, who let life happen for them or depend their existence to other people.

Expecting life to change without doing anything to change it is a sure way to tragedy. 

I’ve always believed in the saying, “You always get what you give”.

Expect progress to knock on your door only if you are doing something to create such progress.  But if you continue watching, sleeping and picking your nose the whole day, well, you know what kind of progress will come to you.

If this kind of people doesn’t change, they will die of hunger in the coming years.  It will be harder for them to cope in the fast changing world.

The Poor Master

I’ve used to be part of this category.  Back in college, I’ve thought that once I graduate and have my license as Professional Accountant, I’ll get filthy rich, as long as I work hard and master my profession.  Later I’ve realized that the effort still left me financially unsatisfied.  Well, few people did get filthy rich, but we may admit it or not, majority of people in my profession, I’m sure had somehow experienced the lack of financial progress as I did.

People that belong in this category are those works so hard to climb the ladder of the corporate world.  They spend most of their time at work and in school.

In the past traditional age, these type of people were looked up to with prestige and respect for the intelligence and professional achievement the have acquired.  They were given the best salary and benefits in exchange for their expertise and knowledge.

However, nowadays, intelligence is something we can achieve in a click of the button, such as

Want to learn “amortization”, just type the words in search engine, and you will see millions of answers that will appear.  These “How to” articles can teach you, step by step, the way on how t0 compute the answer.   Some websites even offer an automatic way to do it.  All you need to do is fill in the details, and their system will automatically compute the answer for you.  If you doubt this, go ahead, try it.

My point here is to emphasize that intelligence and mastery isn’t enough.  In fact, there are already millions to billions of knowledgeable professional out there who have mastered just the same as you did.

Your mastery may help you climb the ladder, but it may not fulfill financial stability and freedom you dream of, if you stay complacent and not learn new ways of doing things.

And the scary part is that somewhere in the globe, some IT genius is already developing a new technology and innovation to replace you.

The Wealthy Jack of All Trade

Do you know Bill Gates?  What about Steve Jobs?  Or Mark Zuckerberg?  If not, learn something new today by typing these names in or you may see this article about Steve Jobs:

They have two (2) things in common, yet there was one exception.  All of them are:

  1. College drop-outs; and
  2. Multi-billionaires.

The exception, Mark Zuckerberg, founder of, has gained his billions at the age of 24 in 2008.

They have no college diploma or master’s degree to prove their intelligence.  But what they have was creativity to think out of the box and be unconventional.  They see opportunities and personally develop themselves to see and grab those opportunities.

If there are few individuals who won’t diminish their worth, despite all the new technology and innovative advancement, these are the people who belong in this category.  Those people who are not intelligent and masters of any profession, but they are adaptable enough to be creative, think out of the box and seize opportunity.

For a final word, I’d like to give you Three Steps to Boost Your Worth in this Fast Pace World:

  1. Do not be too complacent and lazy to stop dreaming
  2. Always think out of the box and be creative
  3. Never stop being curious and learn, learn, learn, learn some more.


  1. I agree with a lot of what you have written about, my only problem is your grammar and writing ability really sucks. Your message is clear but reading how you write it is quite difficult. I find it hard to believe you are a professional of any type and are using the blog as a way to make money.

  2. Thanks for your comment Wand. I’m a professional accountant, and writing is somehow my passion/hobby. i admit its something i’m not really very good at but i’m happy that the “substance” of my writings is being enjoyed and a source of inspiration by alot of people. As you see, blogging is more of a free writing not a “best-writing contest. as long as your content’s substance is understood and appreciated by people, it’s still a winning piece.:)

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