Do What is Important

In today’s world, most people strive to be efficient instead of being effective.  We tend to sacrifice quality in exchange for quantity.

We now live in a very competitive generation, wherein, most people are rushing to get ahead of everybody else.

As such, people tend to become a “do-it-all” person.  When tend to become a yes man that we find it hard to say no.

Not knowing how to say “no” is bad.  Because it may trap us with too much responsibility that we can no longer do and it will eventually lead us to exhaustion. Furthermore, not knowing how to say no will affect our ability to say yes to important things in our life.  We may end up wasting our precious time to unimportant things.

Habit 3 of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People teaches us on how to deal with urgency and importance.  That’s putting first things first, without losing balance.

Imbalance happens when we are too busy with so many responsibility, such as from work, school, business or home, that we no longer have time to relax and rest.  This lack of balance will cause stress, unhappiness, broken relationships or ill-health.

Work-Life Balance has become a hard task to accomplish for many people.  On the average, people have too much things going on with their lives that often drags them to move fast in order to accept more and more responsibility.  These kind of people often lives with a very stressful and tiresome life.

Unknown to many, you can still be really productive and successful without too much stress and exhaustion.  And that’s the essence of understanding ‘Work-Life Balance’.

When we say balanced work-life, it doesn’t mean complete equilibrium in all aspect for it can’t be a perfect equality. Life balance is like your four fingers (exclude your thumb). If you’d look at these fingers, they’re not created equal but they are almost equal. Such reminds us of the “almost equality” in the four aspect of life, that’s mental, spiritual, physical and emotional.  And that’s how we should define balance in our lives.  Let’s learn to a lot time to all of these four aspects.

When you start to understand this, you’d realize that life is ain’t hard for you can live it to the fullest, day by day. You’d be able to agree that “busy” is the most irrelevant excuse you can ever say for you’d never be busy because the word “busy” means lack of control on the most important asset of life, which is TIME.

You do have all the time in your hand to build relationship and produce output but it just rest to you on WHAT’s valuable and important to you.

If you want to live a life lived to the fullest, aim for a balanced life.  Remember,

Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of the things which matter least – Goethe

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