5 Dream Boosting Tips

People are afraid to pursue their most important dreams, because they feel that they don’t deserve them, or that they’ll be unable to achieve them. – The Alchemist

Dreams are fragile, it can be destroyed easily.  And once it is destroyed, it will be too hard to restore.

Do you agree that words are powerful?

Sometimes even just a simple word of discouragement can hugely affect another person which may discourage them to pursue their dreams.

Take for an instance, a young girl tells her mom that she wants to be a famous singer.

In this instance, imagine that there were two kinds of mom with different responses.

The first mom will carelessly nag her daughter and tell her that her dream is stupid.  On the other hand, the second type of mom will carefully consider how to support her daughter.  She even sent her daughter to voice and music classes in order to improve her talent.

Did you see the difference?

The first mom immediately killed her daughters dream while the second mom wholeheartedly supported her daughters dream.

What do you think had happened with the young girl?

The daughter of the first mom probably ends up losing her self-confidence and had stopped dreaming thinking it is stupid to dream.

On the other hand, the daughter of the second mom probably ends up gaining more confidence on her talent and had more assurance that she will achieve her dreams.

Now, let me ask you, have someone told you that they gave up their dreams because you didn’t believed in them?

If you are a dream wrecker like the first mom, may it be intentional or not, here are some tips to help you be more supportive on other people’s dreams:

1. Ask People about their Dreams and Revisit it when you have a Chance

All of us have dreams but only few people know about it or sometimes nobody knows it, because people don’t even bother to ask.

People are usually hesitant to share their dreams with other people.  For the fear of looking stupid and being criticized.

But in order to become a dream booster, when someone shares their dreams with you, learn to listen sincerely.

Also, be interested in the lives of the people that are important to you.  Ask them their dreams.  You will not only help them build self-confidence, but also, you’ll get to know more things about them too.

Furthermore, once in a while, check their progress.  Keep on encouraging them by pointing out how far they’ve gone to the reality of their dreams.



2. Encourage People on what they can become Instead of telling them what they cannot do

One way to boost the confidence of other people is to encourage them of what they can become instead of discouraging them on what they cannot do.

Extraordinary people can do extraordinary things because somebody believes in them.

I had the opportunity to observe it.  People are motivated and enthusiastic when somebody believes in them.  Simply enumerating their strengths, talents and skills helps in boosting their self-confidence to pursue their dreams.

On the other hand, simple words of discouragement can easily degrades other people confidence.

3. Give them a New Name

If you believe in what they can become, try giving them a new nickname that relates to their potential.

Example:  “Leonardo” the Greatest Painter

Negative names, nicknames or aliases can block a person productivity and growth.

Give them a positive name that can bring them a new hope in the future. It will boost their self-esteem.


4. Recognize Traits in them that Will Help them Achieve their Dreams

Have you encountered people attacking you and giving you negative feedbacks?  How does it feel?  Did they inspire and motivate you?

Most of the time, people loves to see negative things instead of the positive.  This usually happens everywhere, whether at home, in school or at work.  We tend to fail in seeing the good things about other people.  It is part of human nature to see the negative instead of the positive, however, such negative attitude is the main reason why so many people are discouraged to pursue their dreams and just settle to mediocre life.

If you want to become a dream booster, instead of looking at the negative, try to shift your negative views and start recognizing the positive potentials in other people.  Encourage them to recognize their strengths and help them believe in their dreams.



5. Don’t be Harsh, instead Offer your Assistance

This is not just about saying positive words and positive feedback, sometimes it is also important to leave negative words unsaid.

Even if we think that their dream is almost impossible to achieve, it is not a license for us to discourage and criticize them. Even if they’ve gone through a lot of failures in the past, we just need to focus on what they can become in the future.

Becoming great in your own skills and potentials is magnificent.  But there is no more greatness life than being able to boost someone else’s skills and encouraging them to achieve their dreams.

For nothing is more wonderful than the feeling of hearing other people tell this to you…

“I succeeded because you’ve believed in me, when others are laughing at me”.


  1. I can relate to this. I’ve always been an extremely ambitious person. Growing up, I had many dreams that did not involve working a typical 9-5. I remember wanting to become a recording artist, a store owner, a music executive, and many others. I was not your normal kid, I believed in making money work for me, and not me working for it. Unfortunately some of these dreams were delayed because of the lack of motivation and negative talk I heard growing up. Now that I’m older, I’ve been the main motivator and the only member of my team. I believe that many should believe in themselves first, before depending on someone else to motivate them. By doing this, they will be setting a good example for those who do not know how to motivate and need to be reading the tips you’ve provided.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and great insights Patrice. I also have experiences that I didnt get any support in regards to following my dreams.

    Yes. I also believe that people needs to motivate themselves. As Jim Collins also stated in his book Good to Great that based on their research and with regards to motivation, we need to find people who are self-motivated and put them in the right sits.

    The problem is not just about motivating people but its about not demotivating those who already motivated.

    This requires us to be more sensitive.

  3. Just got back from a seminar by Michael E. Gerber, author of the E-Myth. He talked about having a Dream Room, no details as to what this was, but it really sparked my imagination.
    On the way home my friend and I had a go at visualising what our Dream Room would be like.

    I wonder what yours would be like?

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