Expand and Grow Yourself

I was reading the book, Good to Great by Jim Collins ,when this phrase caught my attention:

We dont know what we’ll find when we get there, but well sure let you know when we get back. – Lewis and Clark
As I waited to have my blood check in the hospital laboratory, I wrote my thoughts about what I read. My mind was filled with a simple question, How come some people are able to take the step to expand and grow themselves in life while others don’t? Why those who challenge themselves to continuously grow are able to tell great stories of their life experiences while those who don’t lack anything to say?
An experience I can relate to this is when I travel. Traveling is one of the things I really love to do. Other than the fun, what I love about traveling is being in a different place, seeing different people and experiencing a different way of life. These things leaves not only unforgettable memories but also lessons about life.
Somebody once said, if you want to have a competitive edge, expand and grow yourself in our time you need to develop a habit of reading and traveling.
Traveling can be expensive for most of us or our time and priorities may not permit us to do so. Luckily there’s another way to expand yourself without the need of spending for airfare, and thats through reading non fiction books like personal development, management, business, biography, etc   
Minimize the time you read fiction and devote more time on non-fiction because the former will allow you to past time but rarely does it help in developing yourself to become a better person and have a competitive edge. On the other hand, Non-fiction books, especially those written by credible people like Jim Collins, will help you experience and see a different perspective in life which can change you for the better.

Personally, I both love traveling and reading books. These are on top of my list of favorite things to do other than singing, swimming and jigsaw puzzle. Both traveling and reading has helped me improve myself, attitude and mindset, my ability to deal with people and achieve success in my endeavors. My husband says I’m way better person now compared when he first met me few years ago. Not only my attitude and outlook has improved but also my ability to manage people and things. These positive improvements from expanding and growing myself I owe to reading books and traveling to places.
So if you are in a situation wherein you think something is blocking your happiness or success in life, now is the time for you to start expanding and growing yourself through traveling or reading books. I’m pretty confident that few years from now, you’d be thankful that you did and you will be one of those who will tell your story on what you’ve discovered along the way.
I hope you were able to pick up valuable lessons from this blog article. For a final note, let me leave you this quote from Bruce Lee:

Ever since I was a child I have had this instinctive urge for expansion and growth. To me, the function and duty of a quality human being is the sincere and honest development of one’s potential.

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