Experienced Employee: What’s Next?

Getting a college degree is probably one of the most important highlight in a person’s life.  And for professionals, passing the licensure examination is an added accomplishment, such as Accountants, Lawyers, Doctors and Engineers.  Both accomplishment provides credibility, prestige and honor which may allow an individual to enter and succeed in the corporate world.  For most people who seek employment opportunities, they consider both college degree and professional license as a key to open the gate of career opportunities.

The corporate world requires skillful, efficient and dedicated individual.  If you want to enter and succeed in it, you need to have all these characteristics, or else, someone else will get ahead and take charge of you.

However, other than financial, prestige and security, the corporate world is not all beneficial.  It’s often linked to the word busy, which is defined as one of the devilish acts.  The word busy steals one of the most important thing people have and that’s time.

And to give a clear illustration and formula, corporate world can be equate as follow:


The higher you climb the corporate ladder equals to the increase in your salary pay and work responsibility while decrease in your time.

Now, I understand Peter Parker, from the fantasy movie Spiderman, when he said, great power come great responsibility.

Majority of people becomes fulfilled and happy when they are able to climb the corporate ladder, for prestige and honor is something that is priceless.  However, a lot of individual also feel stressed and exhausted by the glamour of the corporate world because they do not have time for other areas of their life, and they’re still financially struggling.

With the recurring financial crisis all over the world now, most companies are on tight budgeting, cost cutting and outsourcing strategies.  Such strategy is what’s causing the sufferings of many dedicated employees.  Take for an instance, a job that’s usually filled by 3 full-time employees, it is now being done by one individual alone.  That’s why there’s no wonder stress tablets are becoming profitable business.

If you feel that the corporate world is a place of opportunity for you, I respect you for the hard work and dedication you provide the company.  At the same time, I wish you good luck on your future career progression.

However, if you’re on the side of those who feel that there’s something not right with the corporate world and that you see the need to act now, don’t worry for you are not alone.

We are now in the information age that the traditional ways of doing things are no longer as effective as it used to.  Working smart has now replaced working hard for job security no longer exists.  Anytime a company can close down or outsource your job position somewhere else. And what are you going to do?

Today is the perfect time to act.  Find and learn ways to work smarter. A lot of people have already started, you just have to ask yourself, when will I start?

I hope this article has enlightened you on the future of employment.  Remember that in our world now, no one will take care of you and your future but yourself.  You are responsible for your own life, it’s not the responsibility of your family, employer or the government.

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  1. it’s quite obvious that employment will never make you wealthy. it will always depend on what you do with your spare time. but if you don’t have a spare time then there’s a problem in the balance of your life. yes, you are right. working smart is the answer to this problem.

  2. Thanks Millette for the comment. before taking a huge step out of employment, you have to start knowing how to balance your time.

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