How Failure and Suffering Can Positively Change your Life?

All of us have gone through failures and sufferings, it may weigh differently, but for sure we’ve gone thru it one way or another.  And whenever failure and suffering comes our way, we search for meaning and reason why it has to happen.

Don’t be annoyed with yourself ’cause you can’t stop asking why because it is perfectly normal. However, the best way to live out failure and suffering is to stop asking why it has to happen.

Once you repeatedly stop asking why, the acceptance process comes in.  And at acceptance stage, you will begin to ask what and how.   That is, what will you do next and how you will do it?

I’ve used to fear failure and suffering.  And most people do.   My personal reason was because I do not like it when people look down on me.  I’ve always strived to be at my best and I’m unsatisfied if I’m not.  At this time, I still strive to be my best but the difference is I’m not afraid of failure and suffering as I’ve used to.

If you wonder why and how, it’s because I’ve realized that failure and suffering are actually good.  Failure and suffering are ways for me to learn and be better.

You may find it illogical but that’s how failure and suffering should work.  But it also depend on how the person will take it.  If you will take the positive approach, you will look at failure and suffering as a learning process.  However, if it’s the opposite, by now you’re probably be mentally incapacitated, unmotivated, wasted or worse, dead.  *smile*  I’m making a laugh out of it, but it does happen.  Failure and suffering are most often reasons for suicide.

As for me, I think I’ve took failure and suffering in a good way.  That is why here I am typing and sharing learnings from my own personal experience of getting up from failing and suffering.

I’ve gone through alot of “life-wrecking-changing” events in life that ’caused me alot of failure and suffering.  If I took the negative perspective, I’m already dead.  Alot of people are amazed on how I was able to handle it and be the person that I am now.  I’m lucky because I have my good friends and family around to keep me going and guiding me all through it out.  But honestly, I’ve realized that no matter how people would be there for you, the only person who can help you rise from failure and suffering is yourself.  And the best thing I’ve learned through all the failure and suffering I’ve handled is that I have a choice on how to take it, the positive or negative.  It’s not as easy as said, that’s true, especially when you’re filled with emotions of anger and pain.  What I did then was to seek help from my creator, so he will change my heart to see things the way he wants me to see it, and that’s the positive one.

Before I was a pessimist, I’ve lived in an environment where people jump into conclusions and loves to see negative things but doesn’t appreciate the positive ones, but look how I am now, so I guess now you believe that miracles do happen.*smile*

It was a hard process on how I became the optimistic me and it was all thanks to failure and suffering.  If failure and suffering didn’t come my way, I wouldn’t be different.  That’s the reason why I don’t fear failure and suffering because I know when it comes my way, something good will come out.


Life is a one way journey to waste your time mourning on things you can’t change.  Instead of searching for meanings of why, indulge your time on what and how you’ll do next.  Be happy and live your life to the fullest! 🙂

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